Wolfmother, The Gypsy Caravan Tour

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Heavy hitters Wolfmother are back on home shores, playing a line of regional shows. Focus caught up with frontman Andrew Stockdale …

Hi Andrew. Your new album, Victorious, has received a lot of hype. How did you find the process behind writing this album, as opposed to earlier work?

Well, with this one I went into my little studio in Byron Bay and just played everything. I jammed out on the guitar – I’d play for like half an hour and then cut it up into verses and choruses and intros. Whereas before, I’d write a verse and chorus with a guitar and then kind of flesh it out with the band … But this time I thought maybe I should take responsibility for it and do the whole thing.

The album title, Victorious … There was a toss up between that and Gypsy Caravan. What drove your decision?

Well, there is a lot of gypsy stuff going on at the moment – there’s gypsy everything – and I thought, I don’t want it to date with this trend. But maybe I was overthinking it, because when we came up with the name “Wolfmother”, I thought, “Oh, there’s wolf everything at the moment; this is really going to date”- but it didn’t! So maybe the gypsy thing is going to stick around for a while?

Well, you’ve called the tour after the song Gypsy Caravan. Is this song and title a reflection of what you anticipate the tour to be like?

There are similarities with Carnies, as they call them – I guess a group of people that put on a show in a different town every night. It is sort of a transient lifestyle, so, yeah, there’s a bit of a comparison there. The only difference is, we get to stay in nice hotels.

You’re bringing along fellow musician and pal Davey Lane for your regional shows; what’s your connection with him?

I put this post up a while ago when I was in Holland. We had three shows and we’d get back at like 2am and then have a 4am lobby call; I did that three days in a row, flying to different countries, playing a different festival every day. Some photographer took a photo of me with infrared photography, and I looked awful; I had bags under my eyes,and it made me look like I was blind. Anyway, these people were all like, “Man, you’ve gotta stop drinking so much!” Everyone thought I was partying and living on the edge! I wasn’t drinking, I was on a good diet, working out and all that; it made me look the worse for wear. I got this message from Dave, and he said, “Man, don’t worry about what people say about the photo … Someone took a photo of me and painted me in a bad light”.

Anyway, we were hanging out in London together, and I met Noel Gallagher from Oasis. He asked me to go along to his show and I asked Davey to come along, as he’s an Oasis fanatic. I am too – you may not know from what I play, but I can play a lot of Oasis songs. So, we were hanging out in London having pints, going to Noel Gallagher’s gig and when this tour came up, I thought rather than getting bands that are suggested by the promoter, I should bring along some mates!

What are your plans after this tour wraps up?

We have some shows in Europe, another two weeks of festivals in Switzerland and Germany, and then a month after that another two weeks in Europe. Europe is one of our biggest markets now; it’s three times bigger than our following in America – it’s insane.

I’m also working on new material. I put out a song, actually. I was mucking around and I did this disco song called Special Lady. You should have a look on YouTube!

Thanks Andrew.


WOLFMOTHER + Guests National “Gypsy Caravan Tour” 2017
Date Thursday, May 3rd, 2017
Venue Club Forster.
Tickets $35
Doors 7pm | Show: 8pm.

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