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When June approaches, I look forward to cosy spaces and places to enjoy a good bottle of red with good company and good food.

My own home serves as a great venue most of the time, but I do enjoy discovering cool, little (and not so little) places with atmosphere and a good offering. Have you been out exploring what’s on offer in our part of the world lately? I don’t get out much, so when I do I want to make sure both the wine and the food is of a good standard. It’s great to see many restaurants and cafés surviving the winter when business is pretty much reliant on local trade rather than tourism – which means the quality of product on offer is meeting the mark!

So I’d love to share with you the places that I have visited and would recommend you take the time to visit but to be honest, there are too many to list – plus there is a restaurant guide already in FOCUS, and I really don’t want to leave anyone out that deserves a mention. Rather than recommend anywhere, I do recommend you just get out and explore for yourself on those wintry evenings and weekends.

We have our own cosy welcoming space to relax and enjoy a delicious bottle of wine in our cellar door. Come and spend some time with us when you’re up for something a little different and out of town! At the moment, we are pretty excited, as we are about to release our new wines for this year – including a Verdelho, Shiraz and Rose and are looking forward to sharing these with our customers. Many of our customers have been waiting for Verdelho, which we sold out of some months ago, and the Rose has been off our production list for a couple of years … so relief is on its way!
Come along to our next Music Day on Saturday, June 6th, when we will be offering tastings of these new release wines.

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This article was from issue 101 of Manning-Great Lakes Focus

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