Wedding Tips from the Pros

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Photography, By Weddings by Jase.

When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, there are a few really important points to consider. Below I’ve outlined our recommendations for dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer – this isn’t necessarily specific to a wedding photographer; these tips should be spanned across your entire wedding.


First and foremost, choose a photographer who has your best interests at heart.

Choose a photographer who wants you to have a fun and memorable day.

Choose a photographer who is technically skilled, with backup equipment and a sound knowledge of how the day will run from start to finish.

Choose a photographer who will cover the day based on the events of the day, not a time limit.

Choose a photographer with a portfolio you absolutely love – don’t settle for cheap, poor quality images.

Ask friends and family for advice – ask what they thought was good and bad about their photographer, and take that into account when planning and booking.

Ask your photographer if you can view more works than what are advertised on their website or Facebook page.


Don’t choose a photographer based on price – you get what you pay for.

Don’t necessarily take the first recommendation you receive – find what you love and work with that photographer to ensure you get the best.

Don’t ask friends and family to take your photos for you. Let them enjoy the day with you and leave the photos to a professional.

Wedding Cake, By Cakes by Candi

Myths vs. truth when ordering a cake from a professional cake decorator. 

The time limit for ordering a wedding cake: most DIY guides will tell you to order your wedding cake just two – three months in advance. Depending on your selected decorator, this is way too short notice. When you pick your venue, lock in your cake and caterer. * Copying other cakes – while pictures on Pinterest are lovely, a lot of these photos are of cakes made in the USA. The buttercream is different; the flowers are different. While we all give you a cake you absolutely love, cake decorating is an art, and plagiarism is real. Talk to your cake artist about creating something unique to you.

• It’s a naked cake, so it must be way cheaper – a naked cake actually requires a lot of work. To make sure the crumbs don’t come off in the icing, refrigeration and a special baking technique is required, which is more time consuming. While not as time consuming as hand piping, sugar flowers, or edible lace, it is still a special skill to get it right. 

• She works from home, so she must be cheaper – WRONG. I still pay a special insurance for cake decorators, I buy quality ingredients, and I need to cover expenses. You are getting a quality cake for the right price. 

• Wedding cakes must be fruit: WRONG! Your wedding cake can be whatever flavour you like! I do recommend that if you’re having a two or three tier or more, that the bottom be mud to support the weight. I offer five different types of mud cake and 10 different fillings, so you can enjoy your wedding cake. 

• Your wedding cake should be white: Wrong! It’s 2019, people! Why not have a coloured wedding cake! You can have any decoration you like on your special day. It is about you and your partner. Why not choose something to represent your relationship? Not only are you not limited by design, why not have a rainbow inside? Now, that’s fun. 

• It’s cheaper to make the cake yourself: maybe. It may be cheaper, but it may not. Unless you are well equipped with tins, scrapers, ingredients, baking paper, levels, dowels, boards, icing and a box, then making your own cake can be a disaster. And no professional will be able to fit in a three tier cake two days before a wedding. Not to mention, who wants to be decorating and delivering a cake on their own wedding day?

Choosing the Suit, Suited by Yarads.

Sure, your style and your personal taste are very important when it comes to buying a suit, but to choose the right suit for your wedding you need to consider some factors, such as season, time, formal or informal, and the location of the ceremony. 

This year’s wedding suit trends.

Light grey and blues are still the front runner this year, but we  are starting to see hues of pink coming through in the wedding suit scene. 

For a beach wedding, it’s obviously important to stay cool while still looking smart, but you need to have the right balance. Linen suits – casual styles in light tones with softer constructions are still a strong choice for a beach wedding. To achieve a more casual look, forget the jacket and opt for a matching linen vest.

Country style weddings are very popular. Suits in blue tones look particularly good in these settings.

The blue colour finds a balance between the formality of ceremonies at the wedding and the formality of rituals.

The navy suit is very versatile and flatters most complexions.It will also contrast with most surroundings, giving you a more defined silhouette.

Garden or vintage weddings – consider an entirely different alternative to the traditional suit. You can try out just a vest and roll up sleeves, or add braces and a bow tie for a rustic, vintage look.

Black wedding suits – black is a high-formality colour, mostly suited to formal and black tie weddings.

Ultimately, whatever you choose, regardless of colour or style, wear it with purpose and confidence – and remember that the  best accessory a gentleman can have is a smile.

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