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Longevity in business is something we all strive for. The Shultz name is synonymous with real estate in the region and is about to celebrate 50 years in business. Let’s find out the history behind this successful family empire, by catching up with Wayne and Dan Shultz.

Tell us about the history of Shultz First National.

Our family business was started by father and grandfather Max Shultz in 1967 and soon incorporated both Mal Shultz and Wayne Shultz, who have carried on the business. Over the years the business has developed in both staff numbers and areas of specialty and now employs a total of 19 staff.

Dan, for you personally, real estate was obviously in the blood, yet you went away to Sydney to make your career first. Was this a purposeful decision to gain the experience?

Yes, very much so. In 1998 I relocated to Sydney to both study and work and gain new experience outside our area in Commercial Real Estate. I was based in Chatswood on Sydney’s busy North Shore area for 10 years and was fortunate enough to work within a large commercial firm and develop great relationships with many national and international clients and financial institutions. These relationships have now helped secure various new businesses to our area.

Like many of us, family is a huge driver in our business; what was it that bought you back home to the Manning-Great Lakes?

Taree and the Manning Valley has always been home to me. My wife and I are both locals in the area; it was always our intention to relocate back to Taree at some stage. After 10 years in Sydney, in 2008 my wife and I made the decision that family was extremely important to us, and I was really looking forward to the opportunity of working beside Wayne and Mal in the business. There was no family influence in our decision at all; you just know when the time is right. We have two beautiful children, and I could not think of a better place for them to grow up that here in Taree as I did.

Tell us about what it’s like to be the third generation in the family business. Mal and Wayne knew everyone; has it been challenging getting the relationships right?

It’s exciting to continue in the footsteps of my father, uncle and grandfather. Real estate was a passion for me since young and I always spoke as a child of “working with Dad”.

Like in any business, you have to work hard on building and maintaining relationships with your clients. In the commercial field we are fortunate enough that most of our day is spent walking the streets in and out of local businesses, which gives us a great opportunity to speak to our owners and tenants on a regular basis. With Wayne and Mal both having forged great relationships in our area over the last 50 years, it has been wonderful to work with many of these clients, and I will continue to build on these relationships into the future.

So who is in the Shultz Commercial team? Tell us about them.

We have a fantastic team of experienced and dedicated Commercial Staff.

Our administration team is Leanne Ralph as Commercial Secretary and Colleen Harris specialising in our Commercial Accounts.

Our Commercial Sales, Leasing and Property Management Team consists of Jason Bowen, Troy McCormack, Les Stevens and myself, with Mal included as a consultant.

What services are offered by Shultz Commercial? 

Our firm offers specialist services in the fields of Commercial Sales, Leasing, Commercial Property Management and Business Sales. Our department focus is purely on Commercial Real Estate.

The team has won a stack of awards over the years. Is it challenging to keep such a high level of service up?

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to win various State and National Awards. In March this year our firm was one of six finalists in Australia in the Real Estate Institute of Australia Commercial Agency of the Year award held in Melbourne. Whilst we did not win this award, it was an honour to have been nominated and be a finalist in this category, which is testament to the experienced team we have working in our office. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industry changes and legislation updates and are regular attendees at all local and metropolitan training events.

The ground floor at your office is your residential sales and management department. Wayne and Lyn are involved in this area. What’s it like having the family all together?

It’s wonderful having a family business. We work great together and as we both have busy departments, we often only see each other at the end of the day. My mother still works within the business and keeps an eye on me!

What about the future? As the transition continues, where do you see Shultz Commercial in five years? 

Our Commercial Department has evolved and grown over the last 10 years, and we see this trend continuing. As legislation and commercial practices continue to change, our business has adapted to these changes to allow us to grow further and service our clients better into the future. Technology and systems has been, and will continue to be, a priority in growth and provider better service.

What is the best part about being in business in the Manning-Great Lakes?

We have so many great attributes to promote here in our region. The existing long standing businesses that continue to service our area are responsible for making it such a great region to live and work in.

For many people who visit our area for the first time, they all leave with a great impression of what the Mid North Coast has to offer. It is no surprise why so many people chose to relocate to our region.

Thanks Dan, and congratulations on 50 years!

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