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Come see what all the splash is about when Waterworld Central, Australia’s first portable water theme park, debuts in Forster at the Lakeside Tavern from the 27th December through to the 7th January 2018, from 10am daily!

Tell us about Waterworld Central; when did you begin this endeavour, and how has it grown in this time?

The concept came from the idea that children love inflatables and water. At an amusement conference in the USA, we found the perfect company, who designed the park. The material had to be suitable for water, heat and chlorine. The seams couldn’t come apart. The slides had to be safe. There was a lot to consider. We visited the factories to ensure that all our directions were followed. We were the first mobile waterpark in Australia, and it was very successful.

Tell us about the attractions …

There are many different activities. Children can hop out from one pool to the other. Some children are small and others older, so we ensure that all ages are catered for. Some of the attractions include our large Dino Slide, Snow World Pool, a wading pool, and Water Balls, so you can try walking on water.

What is your favourite amusement and why?

I personally like the Snow World Pool, as it is very well themed, like an ice castle with igloos and penguins, and you can actually climb inside and explore a bit – which is usually a big hit with the kids!

Parents may be wondering; how do you ensure child safety?

Safety is the number one priority at Waterworld Central. We manage safety by controlling the capacities on each pool and ensuring that we have attendants in the pools keeping an eye on everything. We also require any child four years and under to have an adult with them at all times in the pools. This supervising adult can enter FREE of charge. Parents are also able to keep an eye on older kids from just outside of the pools FREE of charge, as there is free entry for spectators.

Do you have any age limits on any of the rides?

Yes, the parks are typically geared towards children 16 years and under.  As mentioned before, all children four years and under are required to have an adult with them in the pools. Adults are not allowed on the slides on the pools, but they are able to use our large Dino Slide. The Dino Slide is for ages five years and up.

Can punters bring their own food and drink, or are there facilities available?

We do not allow outside food at the parks, as there will be a couple food trucks on site offering hot food and drinks, as well as ice cream.

What dates are you are at the Lakeside Tavern, and where do you go next?

We are at the Lakeside Tavern from the 27th Dec – 7th Jan 2018 and will head to Nowra afterwards.

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