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A fantastic initiative to promote recycling to the younger generation is taking place. We find out more …

Waste 2 Art competition has just been launched. Tell us about the theme Waste 2 Art:

This is the inaugural Waste 2 Art competition in this region, and the theme, Reduce REUSE Recycle is based on the waste hierarchy. The 3Rs, as they are commonly known, direct people to think about waste in a particular order. It encourages people to, firstly: reduce the amount of waste they produce e.g. by buying products in bulk, thus reducing packaging.

Secondly, to look at how a product may be reused e.g. glass jars are great containers for the foods you buy in bulk. Thirdly, look at recycling options for any waste that you cannot avoid, and this is where household recycling through your yellow bin, and many other programs, can help.

W2A is focusing on the REUSE section of the 3Rs – encouraging people to look at creative ways to reuse resources that would otherwise be lost to landfill or recycled.

How did the competition come about?

On the Mid North Coast, a similar competition has been run with great success in Kempsey and on the Coffs Coast for a number of years. With the introduction of the new joint waste contract in Great Lakes, Greater Taree and Gloucester (Midcoast Waste Services), it seemed an appropriate time to launch a competition in this area, to reinforce the message that a large part of what we currently waste is actually a resource; you just need to change the way you look at it.

Who can enter the competition?

The competition is open to 4 different sections of the community for this inaugural year. There are 2 primary school sections – Years 1,2 & 3 and Years 4,5 & 6. Additionally, there is a section for community members, and an open section, which is specifically for artists to enter.

What are the various categories available to entrants?

There are 3 categories in this year’s competition. They are Paper, E-Waste and Mixed Media.

How can people enter?

People can pick up an entry form from their local Council (Great Lakes, Greater Taree and Gloucester only). The entry forms are also downloadable from the Midwaste website: www.midwaste.org and all 3 Council websites. You can also contact Midwaste on 1800 330 246, and we will send an entry form.

What are the competition guidelines?

The guidelines are clearly laid out in detail on the entry form. A few of the main guidelines are outlined here. Artwork must not exceed 1m³ and must weigh less than

30 kg. It must have been made in the last 12 months and be predominantly (>90%) made from materials that would otherwise be in the waste stream. This may include recyclable product like aluminium, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard etc. Organic found objects such as sea shells, sticks, leaves etc. are not considered waste for the purposes of this competition.

How do you think this competition will educate the community about recycling?

I think one of the best parts of this competition is that it encourages people to view waste products differently and actually start seeing them as a resource, and therefore as something that can and should be used. This change of view will affect the artists themselves and those attending the exhibition.

We hope it will also encourage schools to actively engage in educating their staff and students in appropriate waste management and the waste hierarchy.

Where will the local winners works be displayed, and when?

We aim for all entries to the local competitions to be displayed locally during September, at venues to be announced.

The event is a part of a larger competition; what does that involve?

The top two entries from each section and each category in the local competitions will compete at a regional level. The entries to this will be on display during National Recycling Week in November, with winners announced at the opening of the exhibition. Details are still being finalised for the venue, and this will be announced shortly.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about Waste 2 Art?

Primary schools students are encouraged to enter. In schools sections, the artworks may be the work of individuals or groups/classes. All prizes awarded in the school categories will go to the school.

Thanks to our generous sponsors we have been able to offer FREE ENTRY and over $10,000 worth of cash and voucher prizes to be won across both the local and regional competitions. We look forward to a fantastic competition and hope to see you all at the exhibitions, both local and regional!

Sponsors of the competition are Midwaste, Great Lakes Council, Greater Taree City Council, Gloucester Shire Council, Stockland Forster, JR Richards and Sons and Country Energy.

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