Ultimate Winner – Biggest Loser Wrap Up

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The Great Lakes Biggest Winner Ultimate Thinner for 2011 has drawn to an end, and it’s been the most successful event to date.





This year’s Biggest Winner Ultimate Thinner had 72 teams, with 4 challengers in each team. Total weight lost was 1457.6 kilos (almost 1.5 tonnes)! Primarily, BWUT is a team competition; however, three categories of prizes were able to be awarded to the winners thanks to the event sponsors FOCUS, JMK Business Solutions, Amcal Max, Banks and Dade Chiropractors and Fitness2428. Prizes included those for regular teams, corporate teams and individuals. For every kilo lost, $1 ($1,500 in total) will be donated to the Forster Private Hospital’s Oncology Unit.

Our winners in each categories were:

Regular Team – Melting Moments: Shane Dick, Mick Perry, Renae Perry and Jay King, with a total percentage of body weight lost of 18.06% and 88.5 kg. Corporate Team – Bulahdelah Mobil 7-Eleven Winners and Slimmers: Ashling McGauley, Terry Stellema, Kylie Watling and Wendy Grainger, with a total percentage of body weight lost 11.48% and 40.9 kg. Individual: Shane Dick of Melting Moments, with 28.25% of body weight lost and  45.2 kg. Coming in a close second to Shane was Keryl Watts from Slim to Win team; she lost 22.49% of body weight and 19 kg. Prizes tallied over $15,000 will again be handed out at our Finale Party on Friday, November 25. Kerryann and Fergus Hayes and the team of Fitness2428 wish to congratulate all our challengers and supporters. “Once again we have all had a fun time, with very successful results, and we will continue to do our best to support long term health, weight loss and fitness improvements for locals in the area.”  From a competitor’s point of view, the quote below is from challenger Julie Carmichael, from the team ‘AB’ Fab:  “Since starting the BWUT, I have changed so many things about my life. Not only have I changed the way that I eat and the way that I exercise (the obvious ones!), but I have also changed the way that I think about myself and my body (much more respect for myself and the things that I am capable of doing), the way I motivate myself (thanks to my fabulous team mates and Fitness2428 and the encouragement that they give me) and, last but not least, I have changed my attitude. I’m no longer a ‘can’t do, too hard’ person. I can do it, and I am doing it and it feels great!”

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