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Following the roaring success of Skirmish Down Under at Port Macquarie, and much to the excitement of paintball aficionados both young and old, a brand new paintball facility is imminently opening in the Manning-Great Lakes….



What motivated you to open a second Skirmish Down Under Facility in the Manning-Great Lakes region? 

For starters, we love the area. As part of our broader business plan, we expect to open fields all along the East Coast. The opportunity presented itself to take over an existing field (Bundy’s Paintball) as the owners are exiting the industry, and we gladly took the opportunity.

Paintball hit the scene around 25 years ago and is considered by many to be one of the most exciting outdoor sports … why?

Paintball provides a unique opportunity of interactive adrenalin that not many other sports can offer. The thrill of being tagged gets the adrenalin flowing, and players are in full control of their outcome.

The sport is played by men and women from all ages, professions and lifestyles.How come it appeals so easily to both genders?

The great thing about paintball is that is one of the only sports in the world where gender and strength play absolutely no part in who is good or not. In fact, in many ways the fairer sex has a distinct advantage, being that they are just as capable of pulling the trigger, but are smaller targets. Many of the best players in the world are, in fact, ladies and smaller males. Paintball is a great outlet to have fun, get an adrenalin rush and be in the great outdoors. That mix appeals to a lot of people across all demographics, which is why our clientele is so diverse.

Do you have to be both adventurous and competitive to play paintball?

You don’t have to be either of those, but usually the best players have an element of these qualities. We often find people that are generally reserved and / or quieter types when they start the day can often discover their inner competitive flair and become serious players by the end of their first session. Our staff will always provide helpful hints and ideas to assist new players, and this learning often assists bringing people out of their shells and builds their confidence.

What is the object of the game? 

The game was initially started with a simple objective of one team trying to capture a flag (generally located in the middle of the field) and eliminating the opposition team. Over the years, new games have been developed, and today we have over 30 different game styles people can enjoy. Some games have players eliminated when ‘tagged’ with paint, while other games allow players to continue (but be disadvantaged) when tagged. Some of our most popular games actually involve shooting at 3rd party targets (pretend ducks hidden in trees) or having a ‘medic’ who can bring people back in by tagging their own players once they are out.

You’ll never get to play all the games in one session, which is a great reason to come again!

What safety precautions must players take?

All players are provided a safety brief on arrival, conducted by one of our experienced referees. Ladies and younger players are given half body armour (covering the torso), and all players are provided optional gloves. Our referees will host the day and explain the rules prior to each specific game. They’ll be with players all day, to ensure everyone is playing by the rules explained to them in the safety brief. We have a perfect safety record, which is something we are very proud of, and paintball as an industry actually has the lowest injury rate for any sport in which statistics are taken.

Does it hurt!? 

If paintball is refereed correctly, it doesn’t really hurt at all (no shooting within 5 metres). The impact is similar to an elastic band sting, and once the adrenalin is flowing, people are surprised by how little it does hurt.

What’s the minimum age requirement to play?

The parent / guardian must sign a form to say the player is 16 years of age or older.

Will we ever see paintball at the Olympics? 

We think there is a reasonable chance, as it was on the short list as a demonstration sport at the Beijing Olympics. The sport has massive growth around the world (where younger players can access it) and hopefully when Australia falls into line with the rest of the world (UK, Europe, Americas etc) and lowers the age limit to 12, we’ll have more rapid growth here too.

A sport growing is generally the trigger to get a look in at becoming an Olympic sport, and being that there are fully professional players across most of the world, we are certainly on the right track to becoming an Olympic sport.

Thanks Trevor and Glenn.

Opening details:
When 1January 2012.
Where Old Bar.
Contact Number 1300 822 222.
Address Half Chain Road (off Old Bar Road).


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