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A ‘top secret’ location in the Manning Great Lakes will be the back drop for an episode of Top Gear 3, Australia this year. We caught up with presenter Shane Jacobson.

Has Top Gear Australia 3 even been launched yet, Shane?

No, it has not been launched; we are in the middle of shooting the program. We still have a little way to go yet, but it’s not too far away, we assure fans!

Obviously Top Gear in the UK is absolutely massive. How did you get involved with the Australian casting?

I have a big interest and a small collection of cars myself. The team approached me only to discover not only do I have a car license, but I also have a jet-ski license, motorbike license, boat license, forklift license and a truck and semi trailer license. They called me up and asked, “Would you like to be a presenter on TG3?” And I waited about half a second to say, “Yes!”

At the moment you’re shooting somewhere in the area that we can’t disclose, but what are you loving about filming in the Manning Great Lakes so far?

The great thing about this job is that we are getting paid to drive other people’s cars in this amazing country, and really, I have to pinch myself! Essentially, we are getting paid to have a driving holiday in this beautiful area, so it’s amazing.

What was the first car you owned?

The first car I owned was a Cortina. There is nothing special about it and it’s not glamorous, but it got me to and from every party or function I wanted to get to and home safely.

And at the moment you are driving a …

Holden Calais Commodore.

With TG3, is it the same format as the UK Show?

Yes, it follows the same format and it is a similar brand. The only difference is that it’s three Aussie guys with that Aussie attitude to make it our own. But we are a part of the same family.

You’re most known as the infamous Kenny. This character that we see on the show is a different man, of course. Which one is more you?

I think I am more accepted as an Australian male with a passion and fascination for cars than a plumber with a lisp!

Who works alongside you?

Steve Pizzati has an incredible knowledge of cars and is undoubtably one of the best drivers on the show, because he is a actually a former race car driver.

Ewen Page, same again, knows a lot about the world of motor sports and was actually the Editor of Top Gear Magazine and has been around motoring for a long time – also a background in racing.

The three of us have a great natural chemistry, because we are good friends having a good time, and it just happens to be captured on film for the Australian public.

I take it there are lots of humorous moments?

Undoubtably! We are having an impossible amount of fun.

If you could say something to entice viewers to watch Top Gear 3, what would it be?

The best thing about the show is that we are Australian men doing reviews on a lot of cars both Australian and internationally, so this is an informative and beneficial program for viewers who are in the market. Also, it’s all filmed in our backyard!

Why do you think people will be fascinated with cars, forever?

For some people, cars are just a mode of transport. For some people, it’s art, much like a painting is hung on a wall. For some it’s a fashion that defines their personality. A lot of people choose a car purely based on their personality type. Some like sports cars, others opt for family practicality and some just like A to B.

So, it’s a theory that even people who are not into cars look for fashionable elements that suit their lifestyle; therefore a car is an extension of the people who drive them.

Thank you Shane!

Top Gear 3 would like to thank Tea Gardens Hotel Motel, Mount View Hotel Bulahdelah, The Rock Roadhouse Tea Gardens, and a special thanks would go to Myall Shores Resort for their hospitality and also to Great Lakes Tourism and Strut PR.

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