Style Riot – A youth event

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NCAC Stash House plays host to Style Riot – A youth event that promotes art and surfing.

Style Riot will be taking place over the October long weekend. What can we expect in 2010?

Yeah, this October Style Riot is back for the third year in a row; it’s pretty exciting! There have been some hilarious moments and so much fun over the last two years; I have had a real laugh going through some of the photos. So that’s what we are looking to re-create. The event is about having a good time, bringing a bit of action to the town and celebrating the creativity of people in our local area.

To kick off Style Riot, on the 24th we have the NCAC Surf Expression Session and an art exhibition at the Green Point Gallery. The music side of the event has been postponed to later in the year after the forced closure of Club 2. So stay tuned for fresh news on that side of things…

> As a young business owner of NCAC, why do you think it is important for young people to make use of an event like this?

Well, it’s great for everyone to come along and have some fun together, without having to drive off to some festival elsewhere. That’s the foundation of it all – we are just doing our bit to add a bit of flavour to the local culture. So, the more people who take ownership of it, the bigger it will get every year.

More than that, I suppose what we do with NCAC and Style Riot illustrates that you can live a creative life on your own terms in this area if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and get on with it. If that example is of any service in motivating younger people to follow their own creative vision, then that’s rad!

> What / who are you looking forward to most about the event?

I am looking forward to a big turn out for the surf expression session. It’s such a funny day – I really encourage surfers of all ages and skill levels to come along. There will be divisions for all ages, so don’t be shy. Daniel Stallworthy (local builder and surf nut) is using the surf event to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House, so the more people involved, the better. The plan is to put 90% of what he raises towards charity, and the rest up for prize money on the day. So it’s a win-win on all fronts. If you want to support his mission to help raise a few bob, you can give him a call on 0419 279 589.  Also, if you have any questions, please give me a call (Luke) on 0405 559 485, or see:
> Shout outs?

I have to give a shout out to Doogs from the Reef, Boomerang Beach Boardriders, Great Lakes Council, Eddie at Club Forster, Manning Great Lakes Focus, all the sponsors, the artists and surfers, everyone that comes along to the shows and anyone else that has helped along the way; they are the real people who have made it all possible.

Lauren Abberton, Surfer

> Are you sponsored by anyone, Lauren?

Yep! NCAC and Lusty Surfboards.

> How long have you been surfing for?

Three or four years. My dad got me surfing, as I was always in the water.

> What are you looking forward to most of all for Style Riot?

Mostly sorting in the comp at Tunners and having fun. I reckon the men’s division is going to be hard, and I can’t wait to see who turns up in the girls.
Daniel Stallworthy, Surfer and Local Builder.

> Have you been to this event before?

Only as an audience member; I have not actually participated. This year the boys gave me a bit of a vehicle to jump on just as a fundraiser for my daughter and Ronald McDonald House.

> How will you raise the funds?

We will be running a twin fin retro board competition for a bit of fun in the water, and hopefully we will raise some funds for the charity.

> Why do you think it is important to have an event like Style Riot in town?

It gives all the young guys something to do and gives the opportunity for people to be involved with the ocean at all levels. We hope throughout the retro comp that we can draw a few older guys too, so this can become an all age event.

Ivor Morrell, Surfer

> How long have you been surfing?

Most of my life I have ripped … ha ha!

> Are you sponsored by anyone?

NCAC! Nah, only joking – but they should. I really do rip!

> What are you looking forward to most about Style Riot?

Just everyone being there and having a good time.

> Is this your first Style Riot?

No, I have been to all three of them, and I am actually the face of the event. I am the face of NCAC in fact, ha ha! Just kidding. The other events have been great and packed with people. I think it will be even bigger this year! I am looking forward to a big turn out for the surf expression sesh.

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