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While music has taken DJ Sharky around Australia and the world, he is no stranger to performing on the home front. From acoustic afternoons to touring with big name artists, he has done it all. Catch him at Club Forster.

Name: Scott Sweeny.

> What is your connection with the Great Lakes region?

My family have lived in the region for many years.

My old band Stormfront played in many venues around the Mid North Coast.

> What do you love about living in the Manning Great Lakes?

After travelling around Australia for many years, one of my favourite drives is still the drive across the Forster / Tuncurry bridge. The whole of the Mid North Coast is an amazing place to explore.

> How long have you been singing and playing guitar?

I have been singing and playing guitar since I was 6 years old. I started singing in the church, as so many musicians do.

> How did you get the name DJ Sharky?

It’s a Pool playing thing from years ago. I guess it just stuck, but it’s easy for people to remember.

> Who are your greatest musical influences?

I have lots of musical influences. I play everything from Neil Diamond to Guns N’ Roses. But I particularly love Jazz and Funk.

> You’ve played in some pretty cool locations over the years. What’s  been your most memorable gig so far?

Over the past 28 years I’ve played on P&O cruise ships, almost every Whitsunday Island resort, every major casino, snow resorts, Walkabout taverns around London, Ayers Rock Resort, and I’ve even toured with The Tom Jones Show and the AC/DC Show as a guitarist.

But some of my best times were as singer / manager in the Australian Bon Jovi Show – I had a lot more hair then! It was an amazing 18 months of touring Australia.

> What do you love most about what you do?

When you’re in front of a good crowd, it makes you realise why you have put so much of your heart, soul, time and effort in for so many years.

I’ve been able to see some places that if not for music I would never have seen.

> What can people expect from one of your shows?

My acoustic show is great for Sunday arvos – it’s just laid back music, taking requests and sing-a-longs.

My Rock show is a full sound show, using self produced backing tracks and me playing electric guitar. I play most songs that a 3 or 4 piece band might play.

One of the best things about my show is that I never play to a set list, so I never play the same songs in the same order on any given night. And if there are any requests, I can do those too.

> You’ve just started playing at Club Forster. Tell us a bit about your show there?

NEPTUNES Nightspot @ Club Forster is proving the place to be. It’s safe, friendly, they have great staff and some of the best rooms I’ve played in.

My TOP DOG KARAOKE show every Thursday night from 8pm is attracting great crowds and a lot of good singers … and yes, some bad ones. But that’s Karaoke for ya!

My Solo Rock Show is every Friday Night @ Neptune’s Nightspot from 8pm, and the place really gets pumping.

Tuncurry Sporties have just booked me to play every other Saturday starting on 12 February. The club has a good local and family feel, with great friendly staff that will make you feel right at home.

> You’re a very busy man! Do you also do private functions?

Yes, I also do many weddings, parties and corporate functions.

> If people want to book you for a private function, wedding of party, how can people contact you?

They can check out my website for contact information or they can join (sharky neptunes) on Facebook.

> Thank you Sharky.

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