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Scott Hill had a successful career as a professional Rugby League player at the Melbourne Storm and in the UK Super League. Now retired, Scott has launched into a new endeavour, becoming involved in a series of books called Sports Wisdom, which has tapped into the valuable knowledge and experience of some of the greatest coaches in Australian sport. After growing up in the Forster Great Lakes area, Scott hopes to share this knowledge with budding athletes, their parents and coaches.

> Why did you decide to get involved with the Sports Wisdom books?

I was essentially looking for a career change when I was retiring – a fresh start. I knew there was so much knowledge and wisdom not being passed down to people involved in sport.

I myself, knowing how much I had learnt out of sport and what the coaches had taught me.

After retiring from Rugby League, it’s hard to find something similar, something that gives you the passion and drive. I had spent years in the Rugby League, where you know where you’re going. You know that you want to win it. But when you don’t have that, it’s a really difficult time to go through.

I’ve loved my job for the past 10 years, and that really made the decision for me to go into producing these books. And obviously it’s all new for me – it’s exciting, because it keeps me involved with sport.

Out of the whole lot, I know it’s going to inspire and help budding sports people and especially the parents or coaches, who are giving their kids advice.

We want to get the message out and help coaches to get the best out of their athletes. To help them become strong, confident individuals. That’s the satisfaction that I’m looking for.

> What did you like the most about growing up in the Forster Great Lakes area?

I just think the opportunities. I grew up waterskiing, skateboarding, surfing and playing Rugby League and also did a lot of camping. There is just so much to do, and you’re also close to the city. It’s a great lifestyle, you know. It’s something that I definitely want to give my kids.

> What do you want to achieve with Sports Wisdom books?

I want to see people be inspired and see good, strong, confident young individuals develop through the wisdom that their parents, coaches, mentors can get from these great coaches and their interviews.

I would love to see young athletes come through in a couple of years’ time and say, “My mum and dad read the Sports Wisdom coaches book and had learnt so much and knew exactly what we want to do”.

> What type of people would get the most out of the Sports Wisdom books?

There’s a broad range, but it’s probably targeted at sports parents, future coaches or ex coaches. There are attributes that we talk about in the book like attitude, confidence, work ethic, discipline and resilience. These coaches have been able to instill these attributes into their athletes.

It’s a very good resource, because parents can instill these attributes into their own children. It’s very much about sport, but the lessons we learn from sport teach us about life. And that’s the major part of the book. I think that’s why young athletes will get the most out of the book.

> What advice would you give to parents and coaches that are supporting budding young sports people?

Learn from the legends. The coaches that we have in the book are very, very good at handling athletes and getting the best out of them. The advice that we’ve got in the book is straight from the horse’s mouth, so it’s something that parents can put straight into action.

Myself being a professional athlete and now a parent, I have learnt so much just from doing the interviews. For any parent to have access to such great coaches, let alone ask one question is near impossible, yet to be able to ask 20 or 30 questions – they will get a lot out of it.

You know success speaks for itself – that’s what all these coaches have been dealing with for so long.

> Have you always wanted to be an elite sports person? What would you have done if you didn’t have a career in Rugby League?

I guess, I don’t know? It’s sort of what I’ve loved. No matter how successful or how fit you have ever been, you won’t be successful if you don’t have the ambition. I guess that’s what I had; I had ambition to be a good sportsman.

If I didn’t have that, I would have been a carpenter, or something like that. I really want to be able to give that back to the people who need it. As a parent, it’s not easy to bring up children these days with society the way it is.

There are always questions and choices that you and your children are going to make. If you can get the wisdom that these coaches have, then they can give you advice as to which choice to make. It’s something that I’m pretty passionate and excited about.

> Have you got a sport secret that can be applied to life in general?

I guess preparation is one thing. Always be prepared, because the times that you think that you are under prepared, you’ll always be caught out. Nothing beats persistence and hard work. People who have ambition and work hard, and love what they do … they will always be successful.

> As told to Emily Dowswell.

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