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Scott Calvin works as a photographer for the manning river times and lives for his paragliding.

> Full Name: Scott Calvin.

> How long have you lived in the Manning Valley:

I was born here. I left for 11 years working on a tall ship on the Barrier Reef for a year, then moved to Perth for 10, returning 12 years ago.

> What do you enjoy most living in the area?

Two things stand out. The people are friendly and relaxed, plus the region is surrounded by a beautiful environment, uncrowded beaches, the river, the mountains; there is always plenty to explore.

> Profession?

I work full time as a photographer at the Manning River Times, teach photography at the Taree and Forster Community Colleges and Great lakes TAFE plus photograph weddings and portraits.

> Describe your home and work environment.

It is frantic, constant and fun. Working with a fantastic and diversified big group who are all specialised in their areas sees us having an enjoyable time.

But I believe my job is the best at the Times.

> What are your daily challenges in photography?

Every photo needs to be perfect. They need to tell a story and are designed to attract readers into the story, so you cannot have a bad day.

> How do you spend your day?

My daily work list is usually full, which sees me at many locations meeting a varied group of people. They can be famous people, politicians and people with amazing stories, plus we photograph any action around the region.

> Hobbies and interests?

Surfing, paragliding, landscape photos and a passion for travel.

> What is the attraction of paragliding?

It is an amazing experience. I fly with a group of people, which sees us fly from many locations, including Booti Booti, Middle and North Brother and Wingham. It is not difficult; we use sea breezes or thermals to achieve lift and usually fly for one to four hours. It is easy and everyone can learn at High Adventure based at Laurieton, which is free over a two day course.

> What is the highest you have flown?

Five thousand feet. Many fly from Middle Brother to Kempsey or Gloucester; it is a different world gliding in the sky.                                                                               > Why would you not change anything?

Nothing; I believe my life is close to being perfect.

> Do you believe you live a double life as a photographer and a paraglider?

Yes, because both are things I love to do.

Doing my photography is never boring. The gliding thing is the same – both give me the chance to do things I love.

> What is your life’s motto?

Live life to the full, try everything and most of all have fun!

> Thank you Scott.

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  1. Huia Hikaiti says:

    I recently had the pleasure of being a student of Scott’s at the Tuncurry Community College photography course and I have to say that it was a real pleasure to be tutored by such talented photographer and genuinely nice man. I would highly recommend him for any event or wedding that requires in skill, professionalism and creativity. Thanks Scott and Good luck!

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