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Sarah Sutherland has a passion for fashion. Inspired by her local area and the people who dress to impress, Sarah captures the moment with her camera. A self taught amateur, what she learns from here on in will only make her a better photographer, and one small step closer to her dream.

Full Name: Sarah Sutherland

Age: 20

Star sign: Libra

Location: Tuncurry

Years taking photographs?

Probably four years now. I started taking photos in high school, capturing some of the best memories of my life so far just for fun. I was taking photos of friends, the town and basically anything I thought looked cool.

My photography has become my passion. I see something and think “that would be a great photo”. I’m always daydreaming of photos that I think would look good.

I spend my week days …

I’ve been brought up in Forster/Tuncurry which has left me with a very laid back, slow-paced lifestyle.

You would usually find me in the water somewhere, relaxing with friends, or at home listening to music, editing photos and looking on eBay … my budget’s worst enemy.

I spend my weekends …

Serving you curly fries and 18 hour slow cooked steak – where else, other than Hogs Breath?

PS. Don’t forget to tip your waitress, if the name badge says ‘Sarah’!

Something you don’t know about me …

My way of getting from A to B is my little black scooter, Montego (‘The Beast’). I have always loved Vespas and hope one day to be zooming around Melbourne on one.

But for now, I think zooming around Forster/Tuncurry on a look-a-like for only $3 a week worth of petrol goes pretty good!

Something you may not know about photography…

I have no formal training in photography, I have just discovered since I’ve been taking photos what works and what doesn’t. The best way to learn is to capture, through the lens, what you see in your mind.

Sometimes you even get a nice surprise when you look back at the photos you have taken, and see what may not have worked through the viewfinder has turned out really well in print. I think of photography as my way of expressing what I like and what I find beautiful – its art!

What inspires my work?

I spend endless hours on my favourite websites Lookbook and Polyvore.

I love the photos on these sites. People upload their own photos of what they think is beautiful, especially in the fashion arena. They are always giving me new and exciting ideas in photography techniques and fashion photography.

My favourite type of photography and why?

Fashion photography is my passion! I like how everyone has their own unique style which they show through the clothes they wear. To capture this feels like you’re capturing their personality.

I love using backgrounds to bring out the natural beauty of a person, experimenting with different angles and lighting is half the fun, and when you take the winning shot it’s a great feeling.

Why a young person should try photography?

I believe everyone can be a photographer, no matter how old you are. Everyone sees the world a different way, and a photograph captures a moment in time that is a memory for tomorrow and the rest of your life.

I think that no matter how old you are, pick up a camera and get snapping … because photos will always remind you of some of the greatest times of your lives, and to look back at a photo can make you feel like you’re there all over again.

Photography will last forever because …

Photographs are captured memories and you can never have too many of them.

As the saying goes, “a picture tells a thousand words” and everybody – no matter their age, gender or race – will always have stories to tell, and memories they want to capture and remember forever.

My five other favourite things to do include:

Camping with friends, going on trips to new places, swimming, snorkelling, discovering new music, keeping fit and playing soccer.

Where will you be in five years, and what is your ultimate dream?

I have always pictured myself living in Melbourne. I just love the culture, fashion and arts that the vibrant city boasts. I hope to one day live, work and take photos in the city that I have always dreamt of.

My ultimate dream is to eventually own my own little café/gallery in the heart of Melbourne’s artistic indie scene … selling good coffee, good food and funky photos and art.

Thank you Sarah.

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