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Whether you are a skeptic or critic of clairvoyancy or perhaps a little unsure, Roxanne Abdullah is a very interesting woman, whose special gift has helped many.

You give clairvoyant readings on your radio show, how did that come about?

The show’s previous clairvoyant, Phillipa-Lee, did a reading for me at home. When I mentioned I did readings also, I completed one for her and she said “you’re my replacement”. After a day of sharing the air with her, four years ago I took over the show.

Is being a psychic something you’re born with or more something you learn?

I believe everyone is born with the ability, although it is whether or not you listen. My mum is a reiki master. When I was a child I played with fairies. When children reach the age of seven they begin to place filters on their own inherent psychic abilities through the belief’s of their parents. “Santa isn’t real”, “Fairies don’t exist” and we dismiss our own feelings. Basically it is instinct – the warning voice saying things such as “don’t go down that dark ally” – and it begins to come through in other manners, such as clairvisual, clairvoyance, etc. When I began to do this professionally I began to see more. The more a person uses the ability, the more accuracy you get.

Do you have listeners who tune in regularly to your radio program seeking guidance?

Yes! I also have a regular clientele that comes to see me. However I am a reader that chooses not to see anyone again in under a six month period, unless something major has happened in their life. Purely because people really believe in it, and can become reliant on what is said and expect you to make their decisions for them.

As a believer in free will and choice, when I do a reading, I make sure that I give advice that can be followed or ignored. The client has to be the one that makes the final decision. I do have regular clients, however, as I can only offer guidance – it is then up to the listener to do something about what has been said and make it happen.

Do people have to believe and be open to what you say when they consult with you?

Yes and no. I do get a lot of skeptics ringing me, and what is said converts them. I don’t set out to convert people because it is their choice to believe or not. I have had people ring just out of curiosity and find themselves proven wrong.

Is that gratifying?

Yes and no. It is nice to instill into others that there is something more to it – so it is not so much “Yay, I’ve converted another one”, as much as “I’m glad that someone is more open to receiving information about themselves”.

Do you ‘see’ people? When I hear the term ‘medium’ I automatically think of the show.

(Laughs) Everyone does. It is very different for every reader, so there are no two people that are the same. Anyone who says you will get it this way or see it that way is wrong. There are no two people that will be affected or use their scenes the same way.

The way it comes to me, if for example, I am talking to a person who has passed, I receive their personality or their feelings. I am more empathic, which means I feel people’s emotions. Then I get the visuals, etc. Recalling a memory is how I see spirit around people. The energy that comes with people is how I receive people.

It must be very emotional for you and your listeners talking to people that have passed away?

Very much so. Most people sense their loved ones around them so I really just confirm the presence for them and tell them what they are thinking. It’s just a confirmation really that someone is there and they (the person that I’m talking to) isn’t ‘nuts’.

Do you ever predict things that are happening in your own life?

All the time. I, like others, occasionally dismiss it for myself. I always pass things over exactly as I receive them as it is important for that person. For myself however, I am probably my own biggest skeptic when it comes to listening to my guides.

A lot of things, especially in business, like what to and what not to introduce into the store, yes I listen – but on a personal level – it is a little harder to listen to.

What about when you are walking down the street? Do you switch off automatically or do you feel compelled to talk to someone if a ‘thought’ comes to you?

No, again that is a TV type of thing! I believe that would be an invasion of privacy. I wouldn’t like people to do that to me, so I wouldn’t do that to others. Unless I’m asked, I won’t give information. Unless it is a life and death matter, I ignore my guides when I am simply having a conversation with someone. The reason being, it is a very personal thing and people are very nervous around a clairvoyant, so why impose that? Unless they ask – why pry?

Do close friends ask about things affecting them?

With everyone, especially with friends, I like to encourage people to develop and trust their own instincts. So I say things like “I like him … but how do you feel about him?” or “how do you feel about it?”

Do you see your ability as a blessing or a curse?

It is difficult to say either way. I was born with this ability and have always used it so it is hard to answer that. I don’t know a life without this ability, or how to exist without it.

What do people prepare for a reading?

For concise information a client should have questions ready. I receive information from my guides so I pass the information on. However as the client is connected to the information, if they have questions the guides help me find the information they want. Have an open mind and stay open. People expect things to fall into place.

With the information given, people automatically want it categorised into their life however it may not be about that area of their life, so if they remain open and slowly digest it, it may fall into place.

It’s a lot of information to process in a short space of time. I have had people come back and say everything you said has come true, and that is simply because they have taken the information and used it to make things happen. They can make that choice.

For example, if someone is in an abusive relationship and I tell them that there will be a chance for them to remove themselves from the situation and they don’t at all, the information I gave them for that is useless, because the timeline changes.

What else do you do when not doing readings?

I’m a mother of four. I do all the normal mother things, canteen duty, etc. I also run a business. So away from readings I am very busy. I operate Whispering Butterflies in Nabiac and attend Psychic fairs, etc. I like to spend time with family. I have the same woes as everyone else. I am normal.

Do you find yourself doing unofficial counselling?

I give sound advice, not silly advice, however I never claim to be a doctor. So I always say to use the spiritual advice in conjunction with your Doctor.

Thank you Roxanne.

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