Ronald Guthrie – Double Life

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Full name Ronald Guthrie.

Time spent living in the Great Lakes area

I was transferred to Forster in 1989 as a bank manager. I now live in Nabiac on a Murray Grey beef cattle farm with my wife Ros.

Profession: These days I wear many hats. I am the National Senior Vice President of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia, editor of the bi-monthly Finance Professional e-Magazine read by over 68,000 people Australia-wide, Chairman of an online real estate website ( as well as President of the Nabiac Charity Rodeo Committee. My main activity, though, is in the finance industry.

How would you describe the industry you are in: Being a finance professional requires a solid understanding of real estate, accounting and legal transactions. It is a very challenging industry which is going through constant change, but it is very gratifying to help people achieve their dream of home ownership.

Describe your home and work environment: While I travel regularly to our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, my main work environment is centred around a home office on our family farm. My wife Ros is my full time Personal Assistant.

Hobbies: I have two main passions. One is growing top quality Murray Greys, and the other is fishing. I deliberately treat myself to two trips to the Top End each year – one at the end of the wet season in March chasing Barramundi during the runoff, and the other is in November during the build up, chasing Billfish.

I am always looking at taking new people away with me: I believe every Australian should experience the Northern Territory at least once in their lifetime.

I describe it as fishing in a living wildlife documentary, especially when you’re with mates competing with crocs for the best fish and mud crabs.

How easy is it to find time to get away fishing?

Everybody should have pleasures to look forward to. I work to live. Family activities go in the yearly planner first, followed by my fishing trips and then work commitments. To get away, you must simply make the time and make it a priority.

Why would you not change your current circumstances for the world?

Life is a journey, and at this point in time I am very content and looking forward to the future. My only immediate need is to take a long drive around this wonderful island of ours. With a laptop and mobile, this long drive may be going in the yearly planner very soon.

Do you ever feel like you have a double life? Yes, absolutely! I often find myself in a suit to attend meetings in the city but at home I am always in farm clothes and a bush hat. On telephone conference calls there’ll be crows harking or cows mooing in the background, and I can’t help but smile and wonder what all the other suits on the line are thinking. They should be so lucky!

Life motto: Work smarter, not harder. If you enjoy what you’re doing, you will never work a day in your life.

Thank you Ron.

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