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Does this guy look familiar? Rodney Trenchard is not only the talented photographer who shot images for Focus this month, but he’s also one of Taree’s friendly faced butchers. Rodney shares his passion for photography with a difference.

When did you first pick up a camera? And why?

My passion for photography first started in my early teens. Taking photos of friends and family easily became a love of mine. I knew then that taking pictures would give me something nice to look back on in the future. As I grew older my love for photography changed to a more artistic style, which I love to experiment with.

Rodney Trenchard Photo

Rodney Trenchard Photo

> You’re also a loal butcher here in Taree. How do you work your photography around your business and family life?

Luckily for me the shop I work in is a family run business, which includes my father and brother. This gives me the freedom and flexibility to pursue my love of photography as a part time profession. Although, we are currently in the process of planning our second butchery, and this means I am very pressed for time.

My family give me inspiration and support to follow my passion outside of work hours. Often I will spend hours on the computer editing and liaising with other professionals and clients.

Also, my 9 month old son is a favourite in front of my camera.

> What are some of your favourite subjects, and why?

At the moment my favourite subjects are landscapes and seascapes, both standard colour photography and high dynamic range, because of the detail this style of processing shows in an image.

I also enjoy location photography with clients. My favourite places to shoot portraits are abandoned buildings and many of the local beaches and riversides.

Dragan style portraits are portraits with high contrast and intriguing subjects – it’s not your typical soft style of portrait, and often the subjects are a little left of centre.

Again my son is a favourite (but not always a willing!) participant.

> What are some key posing techniques one should remember when getting their pic taken?

I think the most important thing for people to remember is to be natural and not too serious in front of the camera. The advantage of working with a digital media is that you’re not constrained by the costs involved with processing film.

So if you go with a family to the beach for a shoot and take 300 images of fun and playing and 50% of the images aren’t perfect, then it really does not matter.

> Who are some of your fave photographers, and why?

Ken Duncan is an inspiration to me and a very well known photographer. He specialises in panoramic landscapes. His images can be seen in many lounge rooms around the country. A visit to his gallery in the Hunter Valley is well worth the drive.

Andreas Dragan is a new inspiration for me. I came across his work while browsing the internet, and thought it was amazing.

His portraiture work involves an editing process that accentuates shadows and highlights to provide an intriguing portrait that is more like a window into a person’s life. He has truly changed the way I look at photography.

We are also lucky to have a very high calibre of photographers in the local region, both amateur and professional. If people are interested in local talent, then they should look at a web site called ‘Red Bubble’ and search for ‘The Mighty Manning Valley’.

> Where do you hope to take this passion?

Currently I am happy shooting landscapes, which I sell on my website or via direct contact and shooting location style portraits for clients. Hopefully in the future I will have a studio and gallery of my own, or maybe even work with the talented studios we have in the area.

> What is the most loved photo you have taken?

My most loved photo was taken recently on Crowdy Head beach. I was at Harrington shooting a (pic of a) new born baby for some close friends, and my wife suggested a trip to the beach. When we arrived at the beach it was picture perfect (pardon the pun).

It was really just a happy family snap of my beautiful boy playing in the sand, and I think the final result is a truly beautiful image.

However, the image that attracts the most attention from clients is called ‘One Way Track’ and was taken at Kolodong.
> Thank you Rodney.

Readers can view Rodney’s work online at:

Or phone 0400 529 300 with your enquiries.

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