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‘Respect Sunday’ are a local rock band with a bright future. We caught up with Kallen from the band to find out where they are headed next.

Who are the members of the band, and what are their roles?

Jakob ‘Gooch’ Vannucci – lead vocals, guitar;

Benjamin Hoare – drums, backing vocals, percussion; Kallan Bruce Bragg – bassist, backing vocals.

When you’re not playing in the band Respect Sunday, where can we find the three of you?

When RS isn’t rocking your socks off, I’m usually found in Smiths Lake Bakery. Jakob is lurking somewhere in Tuncurry Campus or helping you at the checkout in Coles. While Benjamin would be found maintaining a property or motel.

Now if we are not doing things for money or things that help our future like school, we LOOVE to surf together. Well to be honest, Benjamin and I boog (bodyboard) and Jakob surfs (stands up). Ben and I can surf, but we just don’t feel like it at the moment.

We also like to skate at the local skate parks, like Tunners (Tuncurry) and Smitties (Smiths Lake). And yes, skate means skate, not scoot or BMX.

Respect Sunday … any biblical/religious connotations there?

HA! We get asked this question heaps! And the common answer is, “No”. Respect Sunday is purely respecting the day of Sunday. For some people it’s a day of recovery, or a day of togetherness. Some are also thinking, “Why do I get paid more for working on this day?” I guess the name has a lot of meaning,,although it sounds religious..

You have a strong following in the Manning Great Lakes. How long have you been lurking about?

We’ve been annoying the neighbours since mid 2006. We were originally called Pokerface, until we found another band with the same name! They actually played at our local festival, Commotion by the Ocean in January 2008. So since that Commotion, we have been callingg ourselves Respect Sunday.

Every show we play, we try to get the word out there as much as we can. Whether it be Gooch telling people in his classes, or Benjamin and myself littering the streets with posters and harassing people on the internet with myspace, facebook, youtube or twitter.tter.

How long have you been together, and what is the key to being in a band and not pulling each others’ hair out?

We have been playing music together since 2006. I have known Ben since I was in Year 3; we have been really good mates ever since, and we both started playing music in 2004. That’s when Benjamin formed a band in Forster with Jakob.

As this was happening, Benjamin and I used to jam most weeks, and then he brought Jakob to jam one week and we played together for a while. Then we started writing songs and playing covers, and by that time we decided to start a band.

As well as surfing and hanging out together, we have been really good mates ever since! Now and again we might arc up at each other, but that’s only normal for us adolescent boys! No matter how bad it gets, Ben always apologises the next day!

Besides playing music together, being able to surf, skate or just hang out with each other, without worrying about playing music, would be the main thing that keeps us together.

The three of you seem rather confident on stage: what’s the secret?

Well, over the few years we have been together, and overcoming nervousness, we have become really passionate about what we do. We don’t really care if people have bad opinions about us. We are there to put on a show and entertain. That’s what we love to do! There is no better feeling in the world than playing live. If we could do it every day, we would!

For a young band, what is your biggest struggle and your biggest highlights?

The biggest struggle would be keeping the motivation going over a long time and getting as many people to every gig. Funding our own shows are another hard thing, hiring security and a venue as well as selling drinks and various munchies during the show.

But Sarah Brooker and the crew at Homebase, funded by Indent, make the struggle of putting on shows a fair bit easier!

Also, just trying to get recognised in the sea of talented artists out there trying to do the exact same thing as us is definitely the hardest thing that every original band or artist has to face, no matter what age they are.

But on the other hand, the biggest highlights are getting praise off people who you don’t even know who say, “You’re in that band, aren’t you? I really love your music”. And then seeing the people smiling, singing along and getting into the music when you play for them. There’s nothing more rewarding than that.

How did growing up in the area inspire you?

I have always had music around me, i.e. the radio, CDs, seeing older kids play songs I knew at school assemblies. Since then all I wanted to do was play those songs in front of an audience of people, or have it played on the radio or people buying it on CDs.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

We would love to be touring around Australia. Hopefully with a major record label, like Epic, Below Par, Universal and Geffen, for example. Writing as much as we can so we could release albums around Australia or even worldwide! And playing as many shows as we could, so we can promote the albums that we record. The festivals! We really wanna play at festivals like the Big Day Out, Spendour in the Grass and Groovin in the Moo. Then we could all come home and headline Commotion by the Ocean!

Top five musical influences:

The main ones would have to be: Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Red hot Chilli Peppers, Grinspoon and Silverchair. If you were to listen to our self-titled EP (extended play, which has 5 songs) you could hear how these artists have influenced our musical style.

Who are some people you would like to say thanks to?

Well, I know I would never hear the end of it if we didn’t thank our families, our friends of course. Sorry I can’t name you all, but you know who you are!

All the RS fans out there; we sold a few EPs at our EP release ,so we know that you are out there. Come and say hi next time – we don’t bite! Xsight Forster, The NCAC Stash House, Saltwater Wine and all the other businesses that have let us sell tickets and plaster their walls and windows with our posters. Homebase youth services –the work these guys do is indescribable! Supercrunk Photography (Hannah Cary), Brett Rutkowski for helping us with the photo that we used for our EP cover.

Also Prime News, Max FM, The Advocate, 2Bob FM, Triple J. Oh! and your crew at Focus for putting us in the mag of course! If you would like to keep up to date with our upcoming shows, visit as we are booking them all the time!

Thank you Kallen.

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