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Coming up to its 50th year of proud and continuing service to the Forster-Tuncurry and Mid-Coast Regions is local Law Firm, Bromhead Legal.

The Forster office was opened by John Vaughan in 1970, who practiced as J.A. Vaughan & Company. John has himself been admitted to practice as a Supreme Court Solicitor for over 50 years.  

Still today, John remains actively involved with the firm that he started. He is one of the few Law Society Accredited Wills & Probate Specialists in practice north of Sydney, and is certainly the longest serving. John’s skills are not only of real benefit; he still has pleasure and meaning for his own life’s experience, serving long-standing clients and friends, and family members at each side of their generational spectrum.

John is known to many for his infectious smile; his clear legal mind; his welcome, friendly greeting for many. He is uniquely able to establish warm and relaxed common interest with almost everyone he sees, instantly recalling details of family connection or other points of bonds shared. Even his membership of the Company of Voices Vocal; Ensemble, and his guitar accomplishments, as a regular member playing bass guitar in the Big Fins attest to the diversity of his abilities and interests, causing him to be widely recognised.  

Any volunteer work needed in the community, and you can likely expect to see him, working quietly but effectively; doing his “bit to help”.  

He does not discuss his age, and prudently, we know not to ask. But John does not dispute that he might be considered by some to be past what many would regard as “normal retirement age”.   

And yet, with enthusiasm for his clients, his practice and his skills in service, he continues enthusiastically to serve as a Senior Consultant Solicitor with the law firm that he started. He loves his work. And his work loves him!

John works with Greg McInnes, now Principal of the firm, and a team of dedicated professionals. The team develop, and are mentored by, John’s knowledge in Wills and Probate.  

Some members of the team, like John, have experience “beyond normal retirement age”. Others in the team are just starting their learning journeys in legal practice. Age is never a factor. “Skill, Integrity Results” is the firm motto. The Wills & Probate team concentrate on expert, high-level service, caring and skilled legal practice, happy clients, and results.  

John, in his mentoring and guiding role, has a proud eye to the legacy of his achievement in starting and building his old firm, and is able to “move with the times”.

From the foundation of the last 50 years, and with a view to the next 50 years, Bromhead Legal is gearing for the next level of legal practice in the “Digital  Age”.

The firm has introduced extensive communications and software resources across its now three office locations – Forster, Tamworth, Dubbo.  

The teams in each office regularly hold teleconferences for group training. This brings the capacity to appear by video-link in Sydney or interstate (sometimes international) conference and client meetings, and to undertake remote appearances, perhaps in Court, attending barrister briefings, or discussing with clients.    

These are the resources needed for the internet age. But they are especially important for a regional law firm. More important for a law firm with three branches in regional locations! In fact, it enables regional law firms to serve without being disadvantaged by regional location when dealing with, say, Courts located in Sydney or Newcastle.      

Each of the three offices is itself seamlessly connected to the others, meaning that the same service is supplied, regardless of location.  

The world is indeed shrinking, and practice from regional locations is now able to be more effective and viable in this modern communications age.   

Is it possible to have the best environment in the world, and be the equal of the “big city” in terms of skill? John Vaughan and Greg McInnes think “YES”!

Sometimes it can be exciting, and of benefit to others, to “work past the normal retirement age”. 

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