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Need to hit the gym but can’t find the time? Rebecca Humphreys, school teacher and body builder in training, has got no excuses.

Full Name: Rebecca Humphreys.

Time in the Manning: Moved to the area 7 years ago.

What do you enjoy most about living in the area: It would definitely be the benefit of the relaxing environment of the bush, rainforest areas, the serenity of the river and some wonderful beaches too. What more could a person ask for!

Profession: Visual arts and photography teacher. I am also presently two thirds of the way through my Ultimate Fitness Trainer Certification.

Hobbies and Interests: When I have time I enjoy painting and drawing. Anything fitness related, like a 2 week Muay Thai training session at Taree Elite Fitness, which was amazing. Finally, I love cooking. When it’s off season, there is nothing I enjoy more than to spend a few hours in the kitchen preparing food for family and friends.

Describe your home and work environment: Home is always hectic, as everyone is on the go getting ready for school, work or sporting commitments. Work is busy too and my classroom is a visual feast, as the walls, windows and roof are covered in student artworks for inspiration and motivation for future classes.

What are some of the challenges in the bodybuilding industry: I guess one of the biggest challenges is people’s misconceptions about the industry. Women don’t get huge; it’s just not genetically possible. Having said that, drugs can enhance the look. For me, that is why it is so important that I compete with WNBF, as they carry out a strict written screening and drug test all athletes.

Time and diet are the other biggest challenges. Fitting in 4-5 hours training 6 days a week, preparing food, working full time and having a family makes time very scarce. Every minute of every day is highly scheduled.

Which brings me to the most difficult aspect and probably the one thing that breaks many people who hope to compete – food, or lack of it.

After 4 years of comps, I found a daily intake of around 1,000 calories of combinations of egg whites, chicken, oats with flaxseed oil, protein shakes and greens works for me.

How do you spend your usual day in lead up to competitions: One hour of cardio in the morning, along with an hour of posing / routine practice. Eating every 2-3 hours is a necessity. Afternoons involve about 1-1 ½ hours weight training and another 45 minutes of cardio and stretching.

In my divisions of Miss Fitbody and USA Figure, the whole package is important … from hair, manicures, make up, muscle structure and symmetry, along with presence on stage.

A visit to the hairdressers and beauticians is a must, as 4 coats of spray tan are necessary, along with a few coats I apply myself before the big day.

On the day a 5am jog / walk, natural diuretics, sip water only – stopped drinking day before at 4pm – layers of vegemite like Dream Tan are the final addition, along with a light spray of oil and even deep heat to help with vascularity on stage – the things we do. Bikini and heels on, tanned up, competitors pump up with some weights for say 5-10 mins, eat a few lollies, and on stage we go.

We are judged on symmetry compulsory poses – double bicep etc. and a choreographed routine to music is the final section. It can be close to 10pm before final judging – especially at the National Titles – before the day is over.

Do you feel you live a double life: I don’t know about a double life, but definitely a full and rewarding one.

Life Motto: In anything and everything in life, always be the best you can be!

Thank you Rebecca.

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