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What a trail of history Quota International has … 100 years in February since Wanda Frey Joiner invited five women to join with her in starting the first International Women’s Organisation. Quota was founded in 1919 as an international service organisation that links members of all ages, occupations and nationalities in a worldwide network of service and friendship.

Quota was named by one founding member, paging through the dictionary, who came upon the Latin word “quota,” meaning “a share of one part to a whole”. The founders latched on to this idea as a true reflection of their mission. 

As Wanda Frey Joiner wrote in the first edition of the Quotarian magazine in July 1919, “And how more appropriately could we have named a club to express our ideas and aims. Share and share alike. Cooperate and extend the hand of friendship and good fellowship to all members. Band yourselves together by links of unselfishness, loyalty, generosity, fairness and comradeship, all five as many letters constitute the name, and you have a true definition of Quota”. Quota means a share. 

In 1942 Wanda Frey Joiner wrote, “I am grateful for all you have done to make our dream come true. The basis of happiness is the love of something outside self and rises superior to all conditions. I know now, as then, we will not fail in our devotion and service to any cause – the rights and liberties for all”. An amazing lady.

How proud current members of Quota International can be to bring this momentous year to fruition. Quota clubs all over will be holding special parties to celebrate. Taree Quotarians are planning a party on February 16th for Region 11 of Quota International, including Quota clubs from as far north as Coolangatta/Tweed Heads to Gloucester in the south and west as far as Quirindi. Taree Quota, now 72 years old, has contributed to our community in many ways. In 1947, the first President of Quota was the first Lady Mayor of Taree, Miss Gertrude Richardson, the only woman mayor of a Municipal Council (her classification was real estate). Quota Taree has always been proud of the women who have led us over 72 years – also of the service to our beautiful Manning Valley. At the first meeting, Dr. Corin-Sheddon pointed out the need for a Day Nursery in Taree and suggested it as a project for Quota to consider. An account was opened with the Commonwealth Bank to receive monies paid. This was the first of many projects, including a rose garden at the hospital. These roses have been moved several times, due to extensions. They are situated in the round garden at the entrance to the hospital. 

Taree Quota had the Hearing Loop put in the Manning Entertainment Centre and in Ormsby House. Another major project was the quiet room Bundabar, when the new library opened. As we work for the hearing impaired, we also instigated a weekly lip reading class run by Judy Cowan, speech therapist, an Honorary Quotarian, and Quota member Elva Hermann, later taken over by Quotarian Tine Varvel. For ten years we raised funds and pleaded with the hospital to allow us to furnish an All Faiths Chapel; at last it came to fruition in 2010. 

Hearing equipment for the itinerant teachers of the deaf has been a major fundraiser over the years and also collection of used hearing aids to support people in Fiji. We also help finance the deaf camp held for hearing impaired school children attending every year, from Coolangatta to Forster and out west. Another great project is our ongoing help to Manning Gardens Early Intervention Centre. 

We have been giving a book to the baby born nearest to our birthday in November and flowers to the Mum since 1976. We have worked on many, many more projects locally, as well as supporting Quota Clubs through our Quota World Service program.

We are very busy QUOTARIANS, but enjoy wonderful fellowship and friendship. If anyone would like to know more about Quota, please contact President Nancy Boyling: 6553 5652.

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