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Capturing that moment in time has long been a passion for Pip Callagher. Her keen eye and love for photography is evident in her breathtaking shots.

You are obviously very passionate about photography. Where did your love affair with the lens begin?

When I was growing up, I use to borrow my mum’s SLR camera. I loved the idea of being able to capture my memories and look back on them. Mum got sick of finding her camera with no film, so she bought me my first camera at eight years of age. It was definitely a shoot and learn process, especially when I had to save my pocket money to get my roll of film developed, just to see if I had captured my subject, which was usually my horse or dog. 

My grandfather also noticed I was interested in photography; he pulled out his old photos and cameras, igniting my passion even more.

What inspires you to take photos?

The everyday beauty in nature mostly, and my family’s adventures! There’s just something about looking back through photos and remembering those moments or locations.

When it comes to subject matter, what do you love to capture and why?

Landscapes, especially from above. I have taken a real interest in drone photography over the last year. Abstract photos that you have to look twice at are my favourite. I particularly like photographing out at Crowdy Head, the contrast between land and sea makes for great subject matter. 

Also, when I am in my hometown of Tamworth, on my parents’ farm, capturing the realities of farming – whether it be from above or from the back of the Hilux. 

I also love capturing lifestyle images of families, particularly in a natural environment.  There is no posing, just interaction with each other and the setting. You can get some really beautiful natural shots, especially of kids who are camera shy.

There are many amazing photographers; whose work has influenced you most?

Eugene Tan of Aquabumps.com has to be my favourite. I love his photography; it’s calming and captures beauty in his everyday adventures at the beach.

Some other photographers I follow are: Matt Lauder (Mattlauder.com.au); Sera J Wright (photographybyronbay.com.au); Brett Wood: (Brettwoodphotos.com); Serena Ho (Serena-ho.com).

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures? 

I watch online tutorials or do online classes for learning new techniques, and then practice makes perfect.

Traditional photography was somewhat complicated, especially when it came to processing. Tell us the advantages of the digital world?

The only thing that can hold you back in the digital world is storage space and your camera battery. Instead of taking one shot on film and hoping you captured the moment you were after, with digital you can take 10 shots, all slightly different, and then choose your preferred shot later in post-production. And certainly the cost associated with developing film vs. the digital world allows photographers to be more click happy.

When you go on travels, what do you take with you? Why?

I take my whole camera bag and drone; you never know what you might find and what lens you might need.

Do you have any top tips for a novice photographer?

Practice, practice, practice. Get to know your camera and what it can do when you take it off auto mode. Read the user manual and watch online tutorials. There are plenty of free resources out there to learn from.

Your prints are available for purchase. Where is the best place to view your work?

You can find my photography work and more information about my little business on my website: www.pippaandco.com.au or you can follow me on Instagram, where I post my weekly photography adventures! @pippa157.

Thanks Pip.

Interview: Bronwyn Davis.

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