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Hi Danni. Welcome back to Taree! Can you tell us what you have been up to over the past few years?

It’s been a very busy couple of years for my husband and I. We have been lucky enough to travel and live in some amazing parts of the world. We then returned home to settle down and have since bought our first home and welcomed our beautiful daughter, Macey, into the world.

When did you first pick up a camera?

I studied photography as part of my HSC, and this is where I started to find I had a passion for being behind the lens. However, it wasn’t anything I ever acted upon; it was more something I enjoyed doing, and never in a million years could see it eventuating into a career for me. 

I had the privilege to work at The Photography Hub and that’s where my love for photography grew, as I got to capture memories for people every day.

What is it about photography that you fell in love with?

 I am a people person; I love meeting and being able to interact and hear people’s stories. I’ve had some very dear people in my life pass, and the fact that I can look back at memories of them I have captured means the world to me. Being able to photograph someone’s newborn baby, someone’s
wedding or someone’s family portrait is a privilege and something I feel honoured to do. The thought of someone framing my work and looking at it every day is a pretty cool concept.

You specialise in wedding and newborn photography; why are these your favourite photo shoots to do?

Capturing a wedding is a roller coaster of emotions, and I feel every one of them behind the lens. I’m not going to lie; there have been times I start to fog up the back of the camera! I’m capturing every smile and every tear; it’s hard not to be on their ride with them. 

Newborns are similar; it’s their cherished, brand new baby, and I love how excited parents are to get photos of their bub. I get just as excited and try to make their experience one to remember. 

These are both moments in someone’s life that don’t come along every day, so let’s make them great ones to remember!

You now have your very own business, Danni Harrison photography. What plans do you have for your business?

I know … and I’m LOVING IT! I have just kicked off my business, and it has taken off with flying colours. The support I have received so far is amazing, and I am so thankful for people trusting what I do to capture their memories. 

My plans are to keep loving what I do, grow and learn as a person and photographer, keep fresh, learn new techniques and to continue going above and beyond for my clients.

Tell us about your most memorable

This is such a hard question! Every shoot is as individual as the people in it, which makes every shoot memorable in one way or another to me. I have been pooed on, stung by stinging needles, chased by a bull, sat in water to get the perfect angle, ran from a snake, held up in the air by a groomsman to get a cracking shot of the bride and groom, rolled around on the ground and climbed trees … 

I know what you’re thinking – extreme sports! But, that’s just a day in my life as a photographer, and I love every minute of it!

Do you have any photographers who inspire you and you look up to? 

 There are many talented people in the photography industry, each and every one of them having their own style. I have been fortunate enough to work for and alongside some amazing photographers over the years. I have done workshops with some incredible photographers, which has been a great experience for me. 

I also follow many amazing photographers’ work and love the concepts they are able to create for their clients. You never stop learning, especially in this industry, when the sky is the limit with creativity. I take pride in being open to taking on advice and feedback and always try to improve my work wherever I can. 

The lady who gave me the opportunity to take my passion and create a career out of it was Linda Bryant from The Photography Hub. I first began working for Linda as her assistant and have progressed from there under her guidance – something I will forever be grateful for. 

If you could take photos in any place in the world, where would you choose?

 This is a tricky one, as there are so many amazing places in this world to capture amazing images. When it comes to getting photos for people, that’s where the creative side comes out, and you can’t stop me and my camera! 

However, as clichéd as this sounds, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I’m a happy photographer if I have nice lighting and a happy subject.

Thanks Danni.

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