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Passionate about photography since the age of 14, Paula Barden from Heart and Soul Photography stops by for a quick chat from Behind the Lens.





Name: Paula Barden.

Where do you live? Coopernook, in the Great Lakes.

How long have you been taking photos? Six years (not including sneaking into my big sister’s room at five and taking photos of myself in the mirror).

What inspired you to take up photography? I love photos and all the memories and emotion they evoke. I lost my dad as a baby, and I felt from a young age a great appreciation for the value of photos – and later came an appreciation for the art of photography.

Photos make us smile, they make us cry, they capture moments we want to treasure forever, they capture our babies before they grow up and give us attitude.

I spend my time … With my family; they mean everything. I have some of the most photographed children.

Something people may not know about me … Creating my own unique photography business has been a dream of mine since I was 14-years-old. Oh, and I am mad about vintage hats … just mad.

Something people may not know about my photography: I love to capture people in the moment. I want my work to tell a story. I don’t want to capture people saying, “CHEESE”; this is why I named my business Heart and Soul, because it’s my heart capturing the subject’s soul.

Some iconic photographers that I like: Annie Leibovitz. I admire how she captures her subjects’ personalities; she is brilliant.

How has living in this area inspired your work? The Manning Valley is full of hidden treasures that hold a strong vintage feel. I just love to throw the kids in the car and get out into the small towns around our area; we have so much rustic charm in the Manning, which really is my inspiration for the vintage feel in a lot of my work.

Why should someone try photography? The rush when you get that great shot, the one that sings – it is the best feeling.

My five other favourite things to do, when I get the time with my four kids: I love to draw; I also make hand made dolls; I love to patchwork; I love to collect vintage hats; and, my favourite thing is being with my family.

Where you will find me in five years: I will be still capturing beautiful images for people that they will cherish forever.

Thanks Paula.


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