Mick Neal

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Local man Mick Neal grew up on a dairy farm on Oxley Island. He then completed his apprenticeship in the railways as a fitter and machinist in Sydney.







After getting married and deciding the city was no place to bring up kids, he moved back to the area, where in 1972 started Mick Neal Pty Ltd. Dairy Equipment. With a long time passion for cars, he is currently the President of the local Historic Car Club. Mick takes some time to show us his pride and joy car collection.

1956 Ford Thunderbird fast facts

– Middle one of the 3 baby birds  n Left hand drive
– Mick restored the mechanical side of the car  n Only 15,000 of this kind built n Won Best Thunderbird in Australia at the Thunderbird Show in Forster.


1965 Cortina GT 500 fast facts

– Only 118 of this particular model built
– Inspiration for the name Cortina came from the 1956 Winter Olympics, which were held in the Italian winter resort ‘Cortina di Ampezzo’.


1978 Lincoln ‘Givenchey’ Mark 5 2 door coupe fast facts

– Was the first car in Mick’s collection
– The car has been in Australia for most of its life and was converted to a right hand drive when it arrived.
– Only 817 of the Givenchy models were made.


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