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DropKnee Sessions 2010 TIona will host some of the world’s best dropknee stars, including Hawaiian Micah McMullin.

Hi Micah. Where are you at the moment? Describe your surroundings.

Aloha, my name is Micah Kekoa McMullin a.k.a. ‘Da Hammah’. I’ve on the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawaii in a small country town called Waialua. In the country, life is slow-paced, everyone tends to know each other and most are considered family. Waialua is located next to one of the most popular tourist hotspots, Old Historic Haleiwa Town. In the past, Waialua was well-known for their sugarcane and pineapple fields. Today, we still have rows of pineapple fields that stretch along the ‘snake road’ to Waialua.

The perks of living in Waialua is that there are a handful of secret surf spots. And as most of you know, during the winter, there are crowds of people here for the waves, so it’s nice to surf empty waves.

Why dropknee, as opposed to prone?

Are you serious? You really don’t know what’s going down on the streets? The new cool is dropknee. Just playin’… Nah, but really, I believe dropknee is like martial arts. You have to be physically strong, yet flexible and graceful to develop one’s style. Prone is still sick and has my respect; it’s just the technique that I prefer.

The North Shore is notorious for big waves and territorial riders. Tell us the reality for Australian surfers when they come to surf. What should they expect?

Do you really wanna know? I’ll tell you straight up. It’s true there are big waves and territorial riders, but for anyone coming to Hawaii you need to understand where Hawaiians come from. For me being bloodline Hawaiian, I can speak for Hawaiians.

We show respect for the island that serves us, and in return, the island gives back to us. Australians that come to Hawaii need to learn the basics of Aloha; it doesn’t just mean busting a ‘shaka’. Aloha means love, compassion, and kindness for all people and nature alike. I believe people have the wrong idea about locals, but if you take the time to get to know us, there wouldn’t be tension in the water. If you come here, just for the waves and not to take in the culture, automatically you get burned …

You have been coming to Australia for the last few years to compete in the dropknee sessions. How have those visits affected you?

I’ve been coming to Australia and competing in dropknee sessions for the last few years because of the culture and people. The support for this contest is amazing and makes this one of the best contests in the world. The talent gets better by the year, so I try harder.

Who are some Australian dropknee riders who stand out in your mind … are they your biggest competitors?

My right hand man, Mason Rose; he’s my PIC (Partner In Crime) in and out of the water. I’m stoked to surf with that guy; he goes big. Kim Feast and Grant Malony; they kill it on dropknee. These guys are definitely high rollers in the bodyboarding game.

They are my biggest competitors, because of their competitive edge. I grew up just free surfing, but lately I’ve been getting into the competitive mode, so watch out! Ha ha …

When you’re not in the ocean, where can we find Micah McMullin?

Robbing houses, breaking into cars, drinkin’ a 40 wit da homies. Just joking … I’m a married man who likes to spend his days kicking back with my wife, renting or watching new movies (we’re waiting for Grown Ups), cruising in Haleiwa Town, and recently eating Thai food and shave ice for dessert, because everyone knows Hawaii has the best shave ice in the WORLD!

I spend a lot of time with da boys that I grew up with.

My friends and I are like family, so we’re always cooking up some good Hawaiian BBQ.

We like to say ‘broke da mouth’ when the food is ono (delicious). Also, I spend my Sundays at New Hope Leeward on the west side of our island.

Thank you Micah.

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