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On Monday 20 August 2012, animal lovers from far and wide are encouraged to dust of their chef’s hat and get their mixer ready for the ‘sweetest event of the year’ – Cupcake Day for the RSPCA, where delicious and brightly coloured cupcakes are baked and exchanged for donations to the RSPCA. Marianne Zander, NSW Senior Manager Communications for the RSPCA, tells us all about this annual event.

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is a fundraiser to help raise funds for the shelters, clinics, Inspectors and animals across individual states for the RSPCA. How does it work?

Funds raised from Cupcake Day go back to help the shelters, clinics, Inspectors and animals in your home state. For example: if you are raising funds in Tasmania, your donations will help RSPCA Tasmania.

All you have to do is register online, decide where you want to host a party (at work, school, home or in the community), choose a day that suits you (anytime in August), and you can share your fundraising page, invite people to join the party, invite people to bake and get as many donations as you can.

Why take part?

• It’s a simple way to raise funds for the RSPCA and help animals in need.

• You can host an event and show off your cupcake AND party planning skills.

• You can attend an event and help raise funds by eating cupcakes.

• You can enrol your friends in the fun as junior bakers or world-class eaters.

• You can show off your mad baking skills.

We understand that the RSCPA receives less than 5% of its funding from government and as such, fundraising initiatives like Cupcake Day must be vital in helping the fight to prevent animal cruelty?

Nationally, the RSPCA received less than 5% of its funding from government, so fundraising initiatives like Cupcake Day are vital for increasing donations and awareness of the fight to prevent animal cruelty. Cupcake Day is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year, and so many people love to get on board and bake (or eat) for a good cause. We honestly could not survive without the donations of the public and all the other support we get via volunteers and other initiatives. There are so many ways to help the RSPCA in each state. For example, you can find out some ways you can get involved in NSW here:

This year, there are four competitions which will include prizes in the categories: Top Individual Fundraiser; Top Team Fundraiser; Return Funds Competition; and Registration Competition. Tell us more about this, to inspire people to get baking…

This year we are keeping the prizes secret until closer to the day.

Registration Competition – everyone who registers before Monday 6 August goes into the draw to win this prize.

Return Funds Competition – everyone who returns funds by Monday 17 September goes into the draw to win this prize*.

Top Individual Fundraiser – the person who raises the most funds for Cupcake Day*

Top Team Fundraiser – the team that raises the most funds for Cupcake Day*

*All funds must be returned by 1 October 2012.

What are some fundraising tips and ideas to help get people started? 

Personalise your Cupcake Day fundraising party page with photos and messages. Let people know why you are choosing to fundraise for the RSPCA. Your story will help you get more donations, because people can see it’s really important to you. Set a fundraising target and try to reach your goal – you will feel great when you accomplish what you set out to do.

Donate to your own fundraising page to get it started – it shows people that you really care and inspires others to as well. Ask your employer to match the money your work raises – dollar for dollar. Tell everyone you know – using emails, invitations etc. and spread the word. Update your social networking pages and email signature, so that people know how they can donate to your fundraising page. Let your supporters know where their money goes – helping thousands of animals across the nation, which costs over $75 million dollars, each year and without their help the RSPCA could not continue doing everything that they do. Let people know that it is a secure service; all donations go directly to the RSPCA, and each donation receives a tax receipt via email. Don’t forget to follow up and ask people for donations to remind them.

Can schools and companies get on the cupcake crusade for animals? 

One of the best ways to have lots of fun and get lots of people involved is to get your school or work to host a party. You can get a bunch of people to bake the cupcakes, and the others who don’t like baking so much to donate and enjoy the cupcakes! It’s a perfect way to get everyone together for a great cause.

Children love to bake with their family – it is such a fun activity. At work, you always need to take a break, so why not have a morning tea or afternoon tea with some yummy goodies that will also help many animals in need.

How are monies raised collected by the RSPCA?

There are three options. You can return your funds via your online fundraising page. This is the easiest and most environmentally friendly option! Return your funds using the Cheque/EFT return form or returning your funds – if you have cash. The desired forms can be downloaded here:

What would an ideal world for animals be like? 

The RSPCA hopes that the communities’ reliance on the RSPCA is reduced over the next few decades. This would mean that people are much more aware of animal welfare and are more responsible pet owners. We hope that by educating the public and creating community programs, society can work together to eliminate animal cruelty all together. This would be an ideal world – where animals can be a part of the community – healthy, happy and loved.

How can people get involved?

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is for everyone to get involved! You don’t have to be a master baker or have an animal to be a part of the fun.

Simply get started today by jumping online and registering your Cupcake Day page or making a donation to someone else’s page.

If there are any Cupcake Day parties in your area, at work or at school, then get involved by baking some cupcakes or bringing some money along to contribute. Eating cupcakes has never felt so good! Animals at all the RSPCA shelters around Australia thank you for supporting them and look forward to finding a loving new home:

Thanks Marianne.

Interview by Karen Farrell. 

This story was published in issue 66 of the Manning-Great Lakes Focus

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