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The Judge of the 2009 Manning Art Prize, Reg Richardson AM, announced the winners of the $15,000 prize at the Gala Opening Night at the Gallery last month.

The exhibition was officially opened by the Mayor of GTCC, Councillor Paul Hogan, to a crowd of over 200 artists, their families and friends. 
The Art Prize Exhibition showcasing the works of the 115 finalists was selected from a total entry of 300 entries from contemporary Australian artists. The works on exhibition include those entered by 41 local artists from within the area from Port Macquarie in the north, Gloucester in the west, the Manning valley and the Great Lakes area to the south.

The $10,000 major prize was awarded to local artist Robert Mitchell, with a mixed media 2 dimensional work titled ‘Chickentown’. Robert is from Shallow Bay in the Great Lakes area. His work triumphed over the works by artists from all over Australia, including Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide.

The two $1,000 3 dimensional prizes were won by local artist Lewis Alessandro, with his recycled cutlery sculpture ‘Garrawi’ (Aboriginal for Sulphur Crested Cockatoo) and Double Bay artist Sam Deal for a sculpture titled ‘Under the Hammer’. Lewis Alessandro lives in Tinonee and is an established Australian contemporary artist.

The three $1,000 2 dimensional awards went to Jocelyn Maughan of Patonga (and Blackhead Beach) with her painting ‘Sunday at Blackhead’, Steven Caldis from Sydney for ‘Shadow Echo’ and Yvette Hugill from Gunnedah for ‘Roly Poly Landscape’.

The Art prize Exhibition, including the winners will be on exhibition at Manning Regional Art Gallery until 18th October. All works are listed for sale.

The Manning Art Prize is acquisitive, with the winning work, ‘Chickentown’, valued at $10,000, being donated by The Friends of the Manning Regional Art Gallery to the Greater Taree City Art Collection.

Judge Reg Richardson commented:

> Winner of the Manning Art Prize Major Award:

“Robert Mitchell’s mixed media work is that of a practised artist, demonstrating competence and fluency. The subject matter is easy to look at and humorous to the viewer – perhaps not so to the chooks, who may be unaware of their bleak future. A terrific work which will be a valuable addition to the Greater Taree City collection.”

> Winner of the Manning Art Prize 3 Dimensional Award:

“Lewis Alessandro’s sculpture ‘Garrawi’ is a highly imaginative work – a sulphur crested cockatoo made from recycled cutlery. A quirky, technically skilled work by an artist of talent and imagination.”

> Winner of the Manning Art Prize 3 Dimensional Award:

“Sam Deal’s sculpture ‘Under the Hammer’ uses an interesting mix of materials, wood, cast iron, steel and glass to create a forceful work.”

> Winner of the Manning Art Prize 2 Dimensional Award:

Steven Caldis. ‘Shadow Echo’ – a highly skilled, slick (in the best sense) piece. Engaging to the eye and created with assured technique and competence.”

> Winner of the Manning Art Prize 2 Dimensional Award:

Yvette Hugill. “‘Roly Poly Landscape’ – an attractive, detailed work by an artist at one with the land. The artist captures the colours and variety of our landscape.”

> Winner of the Manning Art Prize 2 Dimensional Award:

Jocelyn Maughan. “‘Sunday at Blackhead’ – this is a joyous little work showing the pleasures we have all experienced at some time on a Sunday at the beach. This is a painting which makes me feel happy.”

Well done to all those who supported and participated in the event!

> Story by Barry Schlenker.

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