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Mackies Electric & Refrigeration Pty Ltd has been around for a long time. Chrissy Jones has a chat with Managing Director Paul Mackie about the past, present and future of this local business.




Mackies Electrical was established in 1953 by Ray and Joan Mackie. What direction has the business taken over the years? Originally the mainstay of the business was providing industrial electrical services, predominately to timber mills. During the 1970s expansion into the dairy farming industry and with the advent of on-farm refrigerated milk vats, the commercial refrigeration service and maintenance became an integral part of the business.

Today, Mackies Electric and Refrigeration Pty Ltd has evolved, with up to 27 staff offering specialist trade, sales and installation of a variety of products and services for both domestic and commercial applications to the Mid North Coast.

Our team are committed to the provision of quality electrical, air conditioning, alternative energy, gas appliances and refrigeration, with specialist services for commercial and industrial projects in a professional and timely manner.

We are committed to ongoing development and training of personnel to meet our safety, environmental and quality commitments, an ever changing market and industry demands. A major emphasis is also placed on the ‘whole of life cost’ for installed plant and equipment, including associated energy costs over its service life.

Do you have a mission statement, and what’s the future vision of the Company? Our mission statement is to maintain ongoing business growth and development servicing the Mid North Coast region through the provision of: prompt qualified service to our clients; providing exemplary sales, service, maintenance and installation of leading and innovative appliances and plant and assistance with all energy needs.

Our vision for the future is to maintain an ongoing business and partnership development program through the promotion of sustainable and environmentally sound products and services, with emphasis on meeting client and industry needs today and into the future.

We strive for excellence. Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges we face in our global community; we have structured our practices with this in mind. Our philosophy is one of improving performance, moving towards environmental sustainability.

What do you offer customers? A range of services, sales and installation, supported by dedicated trade and technical employees with a fleet of 15 equipped service and installation vehicles. We offer a 24-hour, 7 days a week service covering commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and catering equipment and service for coffee machines, ice machines, kitchen, laundry, cooking and cleaning equipment.

Also, services for domestic air conditioning, alternative energy, including grid connect and stand alone solar power, solar hot water and heat pumps, along with energy efficient lighting and appliances for domestic and commercial applications are available. We also supply and install automatic doors and provide a gas appliance service, as well as maintenance to all.

At Mackies, specialist advice is also available in each area in which we operate. We are proud to offer a large range of services, making it convenient and easy for customers.

How do you achieve this? Through ongoing commitment to change management policies, employee development, market research and meeting client demands in an ever changing environment; this has maintained consistent business growth. Such commitment has facilitated business partnerships with leading brand companies and products, both Australian and international, which Mackies are proud to support and promote.
Thanks Paul.


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