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The daughter of comedian identity Andy Saunders, Luca Saunders has recently made her beautiful singing voice known through her Dad’s music video “Deadly” – and if you haven’t seen it, be sure to give it a watch! We contacted Luca for an interview to talk about her love of muisc, her culture and what the meaning of this year’s NAIDOC theme, “Because of her, we can”, means to her …

Hi Luca. How old are you, and what do you love about living in the Manning-Great Lakes?

I am 13, and I love living in the Manning area because it has beautiful beaches and all my friends and family are here. I also love the Manning Valley because of the opportunities it has provided for me. I feel so much support here for what I do. It’s also my country, Biripi country. I feel very happy and connected here. It’s a beautiful place with great people.

How do you like to spend time with your family and friends?

I love to surf and sing for my family and friends when we all get together. I also really enjoy being at home in my space. It’s important to have somewhere to feel like you belong and are supported, no matter what. I love my town, my family and friends so much.

What are your favourite songs to sing/perfom and listen to?

I have many songs that I love to sing and listen to. I usually love to sing whatever I listen to. There is so much awesome music, that it is hard to choose. At the moment I love singing This is Me and Jealous in front of a live audience, because they have lyrics that can sometimes make people really feel emotion.

Singing to a live crowd is great, but sometimes it’s challenging too. It’s also a fantastic experience though, as you can feel the energy of the crowd and see if they are enjoying it. It’s a great feeling.

I love singing at Taree Carols at Christmas. I also have sung with the live band at the Asylum Seekers Resources Centre Benefit concert in Melbourne three years running. The band is really good, and the audience are awesome. It’s one of my favourites, and I hope I get the chance again next year, because I’m going to practice harder and harder and do my best ever.

You recently sung and starred in your dad’s video, Deadly. How did you enjoy working with him on this project?

I had the best time, and it’s always fun to be included in whatever Dad’s up to – although sometimes he’s a bit silly ha ha! We shot it at Saltwater, which is my Dad’s favourite place in the entire world. Also, both my brothers and my sister are in it with us, along with Jesse and Kyle. It was a real team effort.

We had the film and sound crew too, so it was fun. Everyone worked hard and enjoyed themselves. It’s been really good to see it played at schools and other places. People feeling good about themselves is always great too!

What does the song mean to you?

It inspires me as much as it is meant to inspire others. Everyone has deadly-ness. This song is for us all, all around the world to come together, feel our own deadly-ness, and respect others. I’m very proud of my family and of being Indigenous. It’s one of the very special things about myself that I treasure. Like the song says, “It’s just a different kind of buzz”. It means a lot that this song is all about being deadly and proud.

The theme for this year’s NAIDOC Week is “Because of her, we can”. As a young Indigenous person, how does this translate to you?

I think it is important for all women, young and old, in Australia and all over the world to grow up with strong women in their lives – a mum, aunt, sister, cousin, nan, teacher, friend. My “her” is my mum; she inspires me on every level, and I love her more than I can express in words or lyrics. Because of my mum I can do anything, and I give thanks for her every day. She’s overseas right now, and I’m missing her.

What are your goals or dreams?

To be a world known singer, inspiring people with my music. I think it’s important to alway strive for more and go for what you want and what you love, regardless of how hard it may seem. I’d also like to make others realise they are talented and they don’t need to be shy. Everyone has something they are really good at. We should all never be scared to spread our wings and fly. Never let anyone make you feel like you can’t be all you want to be.

Thanks Luca.

Check out the video here

Hero Photo: Andy Saunders.
Gallery Pics: Scott McAdams

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  1. Karen Rands says:

    Myself and the kids met Luca this past weekend, when she sang for us at a Choir workshop. She is a beautiful soul who radiates positive energy, my 7year old was talking with her and I heard Luca say too her “I heard you sing too, your very good, keep it up” if only everyone would build people up like this instead of knocking them Down, just imagine how wonderful and grounded the world would be 🎤 keep up the great work Luca, we love you

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