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It’s getting more and more popular: super size and upsize to a bigger meal for only a couple of dollars more.





Most people can’t resist that offer. These businesses are pushing food down people’s throats at a huge rate.

This is how ridiculous it’s becoming: you can now buy ‘a Burger; in a burger; in a burger’… that’s way too much burger for anyone. It would contain a huge amount of calories and a massive consumption of salt. And if you like shakes, a large Oreo chocolate shake is worth 2,600 calories; you couldn’t have one of them daily.

With over 112,000 deaths in the US a year linked to obesity, why is this happening?

Worst example I have ever seen is ‘The Heart Attack Grill’ in the USA – a ridiculous new craze. The grill is hospital themed; where waitresses are dressed up as a nurse and they place a theatre gown on you as you enter. Dr Jon, with no qualifications, is the owner.

The menu is as follows: you can have a triple or quadruple ‘bypass burger’, with over 2 lb, nearly 1kg of meat, a mere 8,000 calories. Follow that with a butter fat shake, a tub of ‘flat liner fries’ – cooked in lard, not oil. And there’s a lunch to get the heart pumping … or maybe stop it altogether.

The best thing about this grill is if you weigh over 350 lb, you eat for free.

The logo says: ‘A taste that’s worth dying for’.

Funny fact: Dr Jon once owned a chain of Jenny Craig outlets … Then we have shows like Man v. Food – unlike the super slim, feral eating Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild. We have Adam Richman, who travels around the US, taking on a variety of local eating challenges involving meal size, spiciness and other daunting factors. He competes in eating competitions in every episode.

At ‘The Big Texan Steak Ranch’ in Amarillo, the challenge was to eat a 72 oz (2 kg) steak, with sides of a bread roll with butter, potato, ranch beans, shrimp cocktail and salad in less than one hour. Adam completed the challenge in 29 minutes. All up: 4,500 calories.

Adam states: “When we come off the road, all of us go completely vegetarian from the time we get home.”

Adam focuses on physical fitness in the off-season: “I work out with a personal trainer; I stay super, super hydrated.”

But really, some meals he consumes over 10,000 calories. It might only be one or two challenges a week, but the stress on his heart and organs must be causing damage.

Adam’s challenge in Springfield was to eat five bowls of firebrand chilli at Joe Rogers. Anyone who eats one bowl of the super hot firebrand chilli gets their name put on the wall. Adam matched the record of eating five bowls. I pity his poor partner sleeping with him that night …

If you continue to eat more calories each day than required and are not burning them off, you will put on weight at a very fast pace. Not to mention, higher blood pressure, cholesterol, organ damage and high risk of heart attack.

If it’s not a show on pigging out on food, it’s on the news and ‘eating competitions. It’s disgusting seeing people guzzle food down – kilos of meat, bread and junk food; most of it is over processed and destroying people’s bodies, with massive amount of calories.

Competitive eating, or speed eating, is a sport in which participants compete against each other to consume large quantities of food in a short time period. Some take this ‘sport’ very seriously. Eating competitions are about years of training, for competitors to coach their stomachs in ways to expand and enable them to gorge on a huge array of food, in usually less than 15 minutes. I wonder how long Adam has been training his stomach.

We need to have a good look at what we are eating, as I am quite sure we are all consuming way more calories than we need.

I’ll take the salad – no fries with that, thanks.

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