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Pierce Jackson and brothers Julian and Callum Boag are all members of Black Head Surf Club – and they have a few things in common! Although each of their plans for the future are quite different, they all love the Black Head/Hallidays Point area, they’re all highly skilled in the surf, and they all enjoy representing their club at competition level…

Hi guys. What do you love most about the Black Head/Hallidays Point area?

Pierce: The sense of community, clean living, friendly lifestyle, and the view!

Callum: The most favourite thing for me about living in the Hallidays Point area is the great beaches. There are always life guards through the summer holidays in the water or on the beach at Black Head. Growing up at Hallidays Point, we have always felt safe spending time with friends and family at the beach.

Julian: Some of the things I love most about living in the Hallidays Point area are the great beaches to choose from. From surfing Diamond Beach to swimming with the dolphins at Black Head; whether it’s finding some good waves at Red Head or smooth conditions in a north east wind at Back Beach, there is always somewhere to have fun in the water.

How long have you been a member of the Black Head Surf Club?

Pierce: I moved from Sydney to Hallidays point in 2006. I’ve been a part of the surf club at Black Head for 10 years now – I joined in 2007.

Callum: I’ve been a member of Black Head Surf Club since I was in Under Six Nippers. I’ve gone all the way through Nippers and completed my Surf Lifesaving Certificate after turning 13. Now I am currently doing my Bronze Medallion with the club and hope to continue patrolling on the beach for the club as a Bronze member.

Julian: I first joined Black Head SLSC in 2007, in the Under Six age group. While Dad was a patrolling member, I enjoyed Nippers every Sunday morning with many of my mates from school. After finishing Nippers at the age of thirteen, I completed my Surf Lifesaving Certificate and started patrolling the beach. I have since completed my Bronze Medallion.

What is your favourite thing about surf lifesaving?

Pierce: My favourite thing about surf lifesaving would have to be the ability to keep on learning new things, such as CPR, first aid, IRB driving, saving lives, being able to help others when needed. Surf lifesaving also has a competition side to it all, which brings club members together as a team. The fitness level of it all is great for everyone, and it’s great fun. Surf lifesaving also gives people aged 17 and over the opportunity to become a lifeguard and work during summer holidays, while getting paid.

Callum: My favourite thing about surf lifesaving is competing at carnivals and doing weekend patrols through summer. I have learnt a lot of new skills and have great fun with my friends in the surf.

Julian: I enjoy all aspects of surf lifesaving. The best part, I would have to say, is the competition and training side of it. To compete at your best, whether it’s beach events or in the water, staying fit is paramount. Swim training at Forster YMCA most mornings from 5:30 to 7am and some afternoons gives me the fitness to compete with confidence. Training in the ocean is great fun.

Where are some of the comps you’ve competed in over the past twelve months, and what were your results?

Pierce: My surf lifesaving competition history from the past 12 months would include our Branch Carnivals at Black Head and Country Championships at South West Rocks. I placed in both carnivals with branch, coming in as: 1st flags U19,1st flags opens, 2nd U19 sprint, 3rd opens sprint, 2nd U19 swim, board, ski and ironman, 3rd opens swim and board, 2nd opens ski and ironman, 1st Blackhead team taplin. Country championships: 3rd U19 flags.

Callum: One of the carnivals I have competed in over the last 12 months is our local Branch Carnival. This is a carnival where all the local clubs come together to compete against each other, from Crowdy Head down to Pacific Palms, including Cape Hawke, Forster, Old Bar and Black Head. The Country Carnival at South West Rocks in February is always fun to compete in. Competition is always tough, so it’s great to make finals. My most recent carnival was the Forster Weekend of Surf. It’s the first carnival of the season, and there are always lots of Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney clubs competing.

Julian: I have competed in numerous surf lifesaving events over the past 12 months. The Country Carnival, which was held in South West Rocks back in February, was great fun, with country clubs from all over the state competing for two days. The local Lower North Coast Branch Carnival held at Black Head in February this year had Black Head up against local clubs from Pacific Palms to Crowdy Head. NSW State Carnival was held at Blacksmiths Beach last March. Due to large and dangerous surf conditions, a lot of my events were postponed, and I couldn’t compete. The most recent was the Forster Weekend of Surf. Competitors from Sydney to Byron Bay travel to this annual carnival each year. This year in the Under 17s, I made the finals in all my events.

What are your future plans?

Pierce: My future plans would be to get through my HSC exams and to start my Bachelor of Paramedicine (paramedics) at Charles Sturt Uni in Port Macquarie at the start of 2018, while still working as a lifeguard and being a part of a surf club.

Callum: My future plans for surf lifesaving would be to make it into the Lower North Coast Interbranch team, and to continue patrolling for Black Head and one day get paid to be a lifeguard. Being trained and able to use the jet skis would be great fun too. I would like to stay at school and do my HSC, and then possibly get an apprenticeship in the building trade also.

Julian: I’m currently doing my HSC, and hope whatever career path I choose after leaving school that I remain in the Hallidays Point area. If, however, I do need to leave the area, I will always have the skills I’ve learnt and great memories from my time at Black Head SLSC.

Thanks guys.

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