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The Forster Tuncurry Cup

It’s been a while since we have caught up with you; how are things going with the business?

The business is really growing. We now have a great client base who just love having their horses trained at Tuncurry. Once a client is involved in one horse, they are involved with every horse in the stable. Newsletters are delivered twice weekly to every owner.

Horse racing is a very popular sport for a lot of people. What was it that first attracted you to the industry?

The horses firstly; it’s very rewarding to bring a horse into this world (by breeding), then grow it into a racehorse that goes on and wins races. Secondly, you meet some very interesting people within the industry. I enjoy meeting people from every walk of life. It’s fascinating.

How many horses are you currently training?

I have 18 in the stables, with another 12 spelling at our home property in Rainbow Flat.

Can you introduce us to the team you have working with you at the Terry Evans racing stable?

Sandra Comer: Sandra has a vast knowledge of the Thoroughbred, having worked for such trainers as Aiden O’Brien in England. She also breaks in our young horses.

Jarrod Robinson: is our Apprentice Jockey Jarrod will start riding in trials within the next month.

Danielle Matthews: Danielle handles the stable work, cleaning stables and horse grooming etc.

Georgie McDonnell: has just started as a trainee, hopefully progressing on to being an Apprentice Jockey.

At the recent Forster Tuncurry Jockey Club Seafood Race Day, you won the award for the most successful trainer for the day. How did that feel, and is this an award you have won before?

This is the first time for this award. It was a great thrill to win the award. I am a proud Tuncurry local these days. We pinch ourselves each and every day living and working in the great twin towns of Forster Tuncurry.

You don’t just race locally, so what would be a typical day when you have to take the horses away?

No, we race all over the place depending on what horses I accept into what races. We recently went to Warwick Farm, which involved leaving Tuncurry at 5am (after handling out daily work orders for the staff) and stopping over at Wyong to rest the horse for a couple of hours. We left Wyong by 10am and arrived at Warwick Farm at 1pm to race at 3:40pm. We have to arrive two hours before a race – the racing rules. After the race we then packed up and left Warwick Farm at approx. 4:30 and arrived home at 9pm; then we were back to work at 4:30am the next day. We continually check with staff during the day on horses’ progress from home.

The XXXX Gold Cup is coming up this month; it’s always a great day. How is the track looking and for those who haven’t been before, what would you tell them about the day?

This is a great day or weekend nowadays. XXXX as sponsors are very generous, and we really appreciate their involvement and also that of the Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club and FOCUS.

The track will be first class as usual. Every horse gets a chance to win with the spacious racing surface and the 400 m long straight.

Can you tell us about some of the recent horses that you have had some success with?

Arise Augustus is going great guns. I purchased him as a yearling from the Inglis Classic Sale. Not Doubtful: 11 career wins and 18 placings – still racing well. Chaos: a stayer, purchased from NZ. Wooden Take It: she is tiny, but a very tough mare. Now a five times winner.

For those of our readers who are looking at perhaps becoming an owner or part owner of a race horse, can you tell us how they can go about this?

We are always forming racing partnerships either in tried horses I purchase through contacts within the industry or yearlings we either breed or purchase from bloodstock sales.

The stable now has many locals involved in racing partnerships. I try to encourage clients to network with each other.

Most of all, we have a great deal of fun. There is nothing better than winning a race, whether it be Tuncurrry or Randwick. The buzz is just the same. Check out my web page: www.terryevansracing.com

Mob: 0417 225 608 or you can join me on Facebook.

Our motto is: have fun racing!

Thanks Terry.

Photo Credit: Steve Hart

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