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Local photographer Linda Dawson has made a name for herself with her original and creative photos. We caught up with her to learn her secrets.

When did you first get into photography?

I started out working in photo labs over 10 years ago, which helped me understand colour and the whole process behind the finished product of photography. My love of photography was there right from my teens; I was always taking photos. I worked in the industry for others, then 4 years ago I began my own business.

> Best thing about living on the Mid North Coast?

The Mid North Coast is such a beautiful area to live in. We have great beaches and rivers, and that great small town atmosphere. There are so many hidden spots to go camping or on day trips. I grew up here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

> Does technology play a large part in your work?

Technology plays a huge part in my work. I spend an awful lot of time in front of my computer. Technology changes so quickly, so there are always new things to learn, whether something in photoshop or part of my website. It is fantastic that technology allows us to create and manipulate images the way that we can now. It really creates a whole new element to photography.

> For a typical shoot, how much time goes into each stage?

For every hour I am shooting, there would easily be 3-4 more before the proofing stage. I like to keep my photos natural and not overdo any work on them, but there is still a lot involved. A lot of my proofing goes online, as well as my blog. Wedding albums have a lot of time spent on design as well as portrait montages. I really enjoy the time spent on the ‘finishing’ of my work.

> What are your specialties? 

I would say that weddings and portraits are my specialties. I love capturing the emotion and feeling between people. I started my business with weddings and portraits as the core element, and it has grown from there.

> What advice would you give to any up and coming photographers out there?

Put yourself under pressure! That is when you will learn. Get out there and photograph as much as you can. Photograph a variety of subjects. The more you do, the more you will really learn to ‘see’.

> How has your business evolved? 

I started my business over 4 years ago and worked from home. It has become more successful every year, and in the past 12 months it has grown to the point that I am now about to take the next step and open a studio/gallery. 

By the end of January, Photography by Linda will be in Centrepoint Arcade, Taree.

There will be a studio for babies’ and children’s photography, as well as the gallery showing my work, from weddings and portraits, to landscapes, aerials, and commercial work. 

There will also be an area for clients to take their time to view wedding albums and slideshows. I am very excited about this new step.

> Thank you Linda.

To contact Linda or to view her work, visit  

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  1. Christopher says:

    Linda Dawson is an wonderful photographer who i feel alot of beginers, like myself, can learn alot from. After both seeing her as a customer for my daughter, and asking her for advice with photography, It goes without question that she has been a great benifit to myself in starting my full-time hobby on the right foot.

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