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Six good friends coming together to create music crafted from their many different individual influences and inspirations. The result is ferocious. From Springsteen to The Clash, Chuck Berry to the ease of a Jamaican Sunday, King Cannons play with ferocity and passion but maintain a certain chill that exudes classic cool. Band member Luke says the group is really looking forward to FOTSUN in December …

King Cannons is a band of six good friends. Can you tell us a bit about how you all met and decided to form the band …

I had known Rob our guitarist for a while; we met at the end of 2007 in Auckland, New Zealand. I can’t really remember exactly how we all got together or who I met first or what magic might have happened, but for some reason, me, Rob, Josh and Johno all ended up in a mate’s loungeroom. We all started jamming, then a couple of months down the track we recruited Rob’s brother Mikey on keyboard and Lanae as a percussionist, then we were a six-piece, and it’s been going ever since then. We played our first show as a four-piece, but then a couple of shows later we became a six-piece.

With six people in the band, what specific instruments does each person play, and what talent do they bring into the group? 

We have a percussionist, keyboard/pianoist, lead guitarist, drummer, base player, and then me front and centre on rhythm guitar. Everyone brings something special to the band; it’s hard to put my finger on it individually. They all have their own style of how they approach music and how they perform, and thats what makes our group special.

Where does your musical inspiration come from?

It varies depending on how I feel, the day, the way the winds blowing (laughs). Step out the front door and you can be inspired, hear a good record, go and see a cool band, you can get an idea. You know … being a music writer is very fickle; it’s funny – it can go either way.  Sometimes you don’t feel like saying anything, and it doesn’t happen for months, then other times you click with something or learn to play something a different way, and songs just come to me.

You have your first album coming out in early 2012. Tell us a bit about the album and the songs you’ve put together?

Um … well, the album is still not finished, so I’ll have to be very careful about what I say about it! We are putting the finishing touches on it, and it will definitely be out next year. We have a single being released in the next couple of weeks, and that’s what we will be touring with at the end of October and through November, December. Those songs are great; it’s a very real, honest and heart felt record.

As you are a new band, what other bands do you see yourself fitting in among? 

This is a hard question for me … Our manager always says that it’s like Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen went to Jamaica to make a record and put some soul in there as well. It’s kinda like that!

You have been recently touring with The Living End. What has that experience been like?

Their operation is very tight. They take their group very seriously, which is great. I thought that we were the only ones that took ourselves seriously (laughs) until we toured with The Living End. It’s funny, ‘cause I get along with Chris really well, and we both kept each other on our toes the whole time. We both had to work really hard each night to make sure that we played our arses off. We have the biggest respect for The Living End as people and as a band, we have been listening to them since we were kids, so it was a huge honour to play with a band like that and to their fans. But in saying that, we went out there on stage every night and tried to give them a run for their money.

What are some of the things you have learnt from touring with them and that you are putting into your tours and shows?

Mainly technical things, to be honest – some things with song delivery on stage. You know, I look at Chris and I think maybe I need to be doing more with guitar. Sound and technical things for sure. You look at bands like The Living End, who are seasoned professionals and to be honest, if you don’t think you need to practice more – you’re an idiot. Watching any band at that level is great.

You guys are signed by EMI, so they are going to be helping you out a bit, is that correct?

What EMI do is go, “Right, here’s some money. Go and make a record”. And then they sell the album; they are all really great people and they have their ideas about what they need from a record, but when it comes to writing the songs and us performing, that’s up to us.

You’re coming to Port Macquarie for our Festival of the Sun in December. Are you excited?

I’ve never been there before, so yes … can’t wait. I have no idea what to expect; there are a couple of our friends in the line up, so we’re definitely looking forward to it. I was already sold when they told me it was called Festival of The Sun (laughs).

Thanks Luke.

King Cannons tour will be their lead up to their show in Port Macquarie in December for
Festival of the Sun.

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