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I get excited talking to entrepreneurial people. You find that little tidbits of information and life skills ooze from them so if you want to learn more, you keep them close. The name Godwin is well known throughout the Great Lakes area, and Kim Godwin is one of those entrepreneurial types.

He has run multiple businesses in the area and continues to share with the community. We took some time to sit down with Kim and get to know more about him and his latest venture in the world of Real Estate, DotCom Property Sales.

Kim, tell us about your background, as you have had a fairly prominent life in the Great Lakes area? 

The Godwin name has been in Forster for well over 100 years. Me personally; well, my business life here really started in 1974, when I moved back to the family business Godwin Retravision. The business had three stores, being Wingham, Forster and Taree. Then in 1989, I opened Godwins Betta Electrical, which had stores in Forster, Taree and Salamander Bay. I also started an air conditioning company in partnership with another local.

In 2005 I was bought out by Harvey Norman and potted around for a few years, before starting Godwin’s Green Energy in 2009.

Have you been a Forster boy your whole life?

Yes, most of it. In fact, my great grandfather and his family were one of the first families to settle in Forster in the 1800s. In recent years, the Godwin name celebrated 150 years since first settling in the region. I think that qualifies me as a local.

Indeed. So, with a background mostly in retail and service related industries, what was it that attracted you to real estate?

I’ve always had an interest in real estate. For much of my adult life, I’ve been involved in commercial sites and developments to building arcades and other properties. It seemed like a natural progression to jump into DotCom.

Yes, well DotCom is rapidly becoming a known name in the area, but it’s still only young. Tell me about the company.

DotCom started in 2010 in Newcastle and now has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, plus multiple regional areas. I jumped in with DotCom in more recent times, but enjoy being part of the group. The company allows us – the licensed agents – to run our business independently, but then combine as a team to be competitive on fees and service. With lower overheads, we are able to be flexible and stay competitive. We use the latest in technology and marketing, combined with great personal service, resulting in an experience that is second to none.

With such a diverse business background, what is it that keeps you motivated and keen to take on new challenges?

My generation have gone through some exciting times, black and white then colour TV, the first computers, mobile phones, internet. All these events have created excitement and opportunities. The growth of the internet in particular has helped real estate explode. People use iPads and phones for their banking, and you can tap and go to pay a bill. These things open up new challenges, and it’s exciting to be around.

What is it you think you do differently? 

Lots of hard work and belief in taking opportunities as they happen. Being involved in the local community and looking to help  out genuinely are very important.

How do you connect with your customers and other businesses?

We are very visual online with listings across our own
website,, and around 10 other real estate related websites.

This enables our clients to get maximum exposure for their property. But still, jumping on the phone and local word of mouth can’t be beaten.

For you, what is the best part about living and being in business in the Manning- Great Lakes?

Having travelled a lot, you realise we have it all at Forster. Lifestyle, facilities, environment and great people.

Thanks Kim. 

All the best at DotCom Property Sales.

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