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Kailah Lythgoe is the face behind Illuminations Candles and Scents – a home-based business that creates gorgeous candles, melts and scents. Kailah has a passion for home styling and says it’s amazing just how easy it is to create a beautiful ambience and relaxing atmosphere, without breaking the bank …

How long have you been a local, and what brought you to the Manning-Great Lakes area initially?

I was actually lucky enough to be born in the Manning Valley region and able to grow up as a part of my father’s livestock transport business, which taught me an awful lot about running a successful business at a young age.

I currently reside in Taree with my supportive husband, Curtis, where Illuminations Candles and Scents is now based.

How did you develop an interest in candles and beautiful scents?

I have always been interested in modern home styling, as a result of my home renovation background. I love making spaces feel complete and creating a welcoming atmosphere and ambience; admittedly, often amongst chaos!

I believe that your home should always have at least one escape place, because let’s face it, life can get hectic! Wether it be your living area, bedroom or bathroom, I have always found this relatively easy to achieve with a few candles and minimal, affordable, home styling.

Candles are amazing, as they serve so many purposes. Sometimes, something as simple as a certain scent, from a freshly lit candle, can evoke feelings of calmness or memories of relaxation. Remember, that one time, in Fiji as you inhale the delicious scent of Tropical Island Get Away. Oh, please, take me back, Vinaka!

Enter the business idea for Illuminations Candles and Scents.

Illuminations came about as a result of my love for making people feel good about themselves in my role as a Senior Team Leader with The Body Shop at Home.

I constantly had clients purchasing at home pamper gifts for their friends and family, and I was often being asked for add-on gifts such as candles to further the at home spa experience for their loved ones.

As a result, I now offer an extensive range of tailor made gift packs that feature exclusive Illuminations Candles and Scents products, teamed up with deluxe The Body Shop at Home products and in some cases, wine, chocolates and flowers.

You actually produce a range of gorgeous products. Tell us what some of them are …

Illuminations Candles and Scents now stocks a variety of affordable, pure soy wax candles that are available in our standard Honey Pot range and our brand new Power of Positivity range. We also stock stunning reed diffusers for when flames are not permitted or practical, wax warmers, melts and of course, we do custom orders. All you need to do is ask!

On that note, I would love to take this opportunity to introduce our new Power of Positivity range, as it is an extremely important new element to the business.

Being in business, sometimes road blocks and hurdles are thrown in your way and often, they can be hard to overcome. Let’s face it, that’s life, and we all go through it at some stage or another. However, despite being a realist, I am also an optimist and opportunist and I love to surround myself with positive affirmation quotes. I always seem to find one of them picking me up and encouraging me to push on.

So what better way to diversify our product range then to combine these elements of interest and hopefully inspire others to push on through the hard times and celebrate the good times.

The new product line will be launching this month, fully packaged ready for gifting to your loved ones, or of course, yourself for at home styling. The range will be completely customised with a selection of pre-made, pure soy wax, scented candles and finished with the most suitable quote for your occasion. So make sure to keep an eye out for the official launch on Facebook!

I’m sure that many people are curious to know why you’ve called one of your scents “Monkey Farts”. What does it actually smell like?

As much as I would love to take the credit for the naming of the Monkey Farts scent, I can’t. It is actually the name of one of the fragrance oils that I use from my supplier. But yes, when showcasing the range at markets, it is always a favourite and one of the first scents to be tested on the table. However, despite the name, and as horrible as it sounds, it is actually a sweet blend of banana and forest berries. It’s delicious!

What raw products do you use to produce your creations?

At Illuminations, we like to keep things as natural as possible. We use pure soy wax and quality essential oils, lab calibrated candle fragrances and rice paper reed diffusers – all of which are free from animal testing and vegan friendly.

When you are not busy working with wax and aromas, what other activities keep you busy/what other business interests do you have?

As discussed previously, Illuminations stemmed from my involvement with The Body Shop at Home. I have a team of 65 beautiful ladies predominately based in The Manning Valley and Great Lakes area but span from far North Queensland to Melbourne.

However, most locals know me as a business marketing consultant with Localsearch, where I work with local business owners to devise marketing strategies to promote their businesses through online, mobile app and print directory advertising. A career that I adore, as I get to work with a team of wonderful Localsearch representatives and amazing clients. There really are some fantastic businesses in the area, so download our new mobile app and keep it local when looking for services in the area. You will be surprised at the range of diversity we have to offer!

Where can we purchase your products or contact you?

The easiest way to view and find Illuminations Candles and Scents is through our listing on Localsearch or on Facebook, where you can find our current, in stock products and promotions. See you there!

Thanks Kailah.

Photos by Zac Lyon at MoonPixel Photography.

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