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This month Focus speaks with local Josh Hall, founder of CHEAP/THRILLZ – a diamond in the rough, unique clothing label that represents a life long love for Rock & Roll and individuality.

> Name: Josh Hall.

> Age: 25.

> Did you grow up in the area?: Yes, Tuncurry.

> When did you first begin with the concept of your label? And what kick started the business venture?

About 5 years ago, when I realised the pretty girls liked stylish guys (laughs). My brother actually kick started it for me at the beginning of this year, investing into the business. Then it was on to selling in the markets at Sydney, doing music festivals and chasing stockists.

> Your clothing genre is blatant Rock & Roll. What appeals to you about it?

The music and the lifestyle Rock stars have is the ultimate appeal; they get to travel the world playing something they created and love doing for our enjoyment.

One of the best things in life is to be understood, and the best way to be understood is to have your own style. That’s what my label CHEAP/THRILLZ represents – a pure & honest love for Rock & Roll and the individual who brings that enjoyment.

> Tell us where you source your materials, accessories, gidgets and gadgets for your designs.

I source from everywhere: China, Vinnies, Sydney, craft stores, fabric warehouses. I put most of my effort into sourcing my materials, so that when you get one of my pieces, it’s unique and original – one of a kind. Not some trendy ‘must have’ turtleneck for the season every other fashion junkie already owns, just so they can ‘stand out’ in a crowd, you know?

> You’re a one man band at the moment. Will you ever look to expand?

I’m always looking to expand. It’s such an expensive, cut throat industry I have dived into, so I am always looking for investors and expressions of interest. The goal in the future is to have a CHEAP/THRILLZ store in every state, then go international.

> When you’re not working on Cheap/Thrillz, where can we find you?

Surfing Tunaz or at home with a few brewskies playing my guitar, pretending I’m a Rock & Roller … ha ha!

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> Business Motto

“Whateva happened to my Rock & Roll?

Whateva happened to rebellion and not having the approval from society? Are we in a generation now where trends beat individuality, fashion beats style and electronic computer made music, beats the originality and musical talent of Rock & Roll?

When did it become cool to forget who we are as individuals and follow trends, just to get the big pat on the back from society? CHEAP/THRILLZ is a diamond in the rough, a unique clothing label that represents a life long love for Rock & Roll and individuality.”

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