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Health and wellbeing have become big industries, and everyone seems to have a method or opinion on how to live a healthier lifestyle. But what happens when injury or major illness strikes? Can a Healthy lifestyle aid recovery and help you to live better?

Kinetic Medicine is a new business focusing on rehabilitation and strategies for the treatment of medical conditions. It has a very holistic approach to exercise in your life and empowers people to get “get better, stay better and live better”.

John Stevens is the owner operator of Kinetic Medicine, that has treatments to suit all. John opened up about Kinetic Medicine’s beginnings, services and future.

John, tell us about your background in exercise physiology …

It’s been a wild ride, but I’ve been an exercise physiologist for nearly eight years now. I’ve had a pretty diverse career, starting out in sport with athletes working on performance and injury management, but for the last six years I’ve been lucky enough to work with real people with real problems like rehabilitation and chronic disease management.

You mentioned your work with athletes and sporting groups. What did you take away from this time?

What sticks out in my mind is that just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you don’t have tough times. I think it’s how you handle those tough times that matters. I remember being in a few professional sporting team’s locker rooms after a loss, and there’s probably a better vibe in a morgue! In any team with positive leadership, though, there’s always an opportunity to learn and do better.

It’s a great attitude. Kinetic Medicine started late last year. What was it that inspired you to take the plunge and go out on your own?

I think I have a unique perspective on physical therapy, and I really wanted a vehicle bigger than myself to help that become something that helped as many people as possible.

I presume then, that this vehicle – as you put it – would no doubt be beneficial to a wide age demographic. Is there a particular group you would like to work more with, or can you adapt to all ages?

We provide services to all ages. The beauty of what we do is that we can tailor solutions to the specific needs of the client, and our vast experience means we can develop an integrated strategy for people with multiple issues all at the same time.

So let’s dive into it. What are some of the services offered by Kinetic Medicine, and is there something you particularly take interest in?

My personal passion is in the treatment of pain, which integrates a whole range of non-pharmaceutical strategies to prevent and treat any painful condition. We also have unique programmes for cancer, mental health, Diabetes, heart and lung conditions – the list is almost endless.

You touched on conditions that often need heavy doses of medication. What you are saying then, is there are major benefits in exercise physiology for these ailments?

Actually, exercise is medicine and with the right dose and the right advice for your condition, you might even be able to eliminate the need for some medications.

Is there a right and wrong way to exercise?

You know, there are probably more right ways than wrong, but you really need to do what’s right for you to get the desired benefit. That said, burpees and situps are two you could give a miss, and YouTube videos of fit people doing crazy things shouldn’t be your source of inspiration.

Very sound advice! Now, like me you’re not a multi generation rusted on local. What was it that led you and your wife, Lizzie, to drop anchor in The Manning-Great Lakes?

After being a frequent visitor to the Mid North Coast in my youth, I decided that this is where I always wanted to end up. When I finished uni, we got married and I was working several jobs and just as I was offered one in Sydney, something in Taree popped up. We had such great support once we moved up here, that we just know this is where we want to raise our family. We’re here to stay.

Good news! Where do you hope to see Kinetic Medicine over the next five years?

We’ll be opening our dedicated rehabilitation facility in the middle of the Taree CBD in the next few months, and I’m hoping in the next few years that we can see our satellite clinics in Harrington and Wingham outgrow their current homes. I want Kinetic Medicine to be a part of a change in the healthcare landscape, and locally our vision is to have helped 20,000 people in our community by 2020.

Very ambitious, but I know our community will support you. For you, what is the best part about being in business in the Manning-Great Lakes?

We’ve got such a fantastically unique community that, for its size, just frequently exceeds my expectations. It’s the people here that make this place home for me.

Thanks John, and all the best with Kinetic Medicine.

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