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Bob and Marie Graham recently made the move from Queensland to Evermore to be close to their son Coyne, Managing Director of Evermore Retirement Living, and we had the chance to catch up and hear all about their experience. Here’s what Marie had to say…

What made you decide to be at Evermore?

Aside from being close to the kids, it’s for the support. It’s extraordinary. Bob and I knew we needed to downsize and make life a lot easier for ourselves, and they’ve literally thought of everything for people our age. I don’t know where Coyne and his team got all their ideas from, but it just works, and it’s a beautiful place to live, full of beautiful, happy people.

How were you feeling before you moved in?

We were getting help from Blue Care for cleaning and respite, which was great, but it just wasn’t enough. We just needed more support. Here at Evermore, whenever we’ve got a problem, we just reach out and someone’s there to take care of it for us, make appointments for you – all the services are just there. Just having everything together in the one place makes all the difference. I can relax at last. Having people here to assist is just incredible. We go down to the restaurant once a day for the meal, and it’s just wonderful.

And in the evening, we get room service. It’s all those nice little things. I don’t have to worry about getting groceries or looking after the house and gardens. We just have to concentrate on ourselves. And the meals are awesome, beautifully cooked, the sort of meals we used to make ourselves years ago. The service is just fantastic. And the residents are really beautiful. They have entertainment. People come in and do shows. There’s always something to do if you want to.

What’s the atmosphere like at Evermore?

Oh – it’s beautiful. Everyone says hello to everyone. You just get a sense that the people here are happy. There’s something about knowing you’ve got people around when you need them that makes you feel really safe and secure. The fact is, the kids are busy living their lives and they don’t have time to be there for us all the time, and this is literally the next best thing to being with your family.

How has your life changed since moving to Evermore?

To be honest, I felt like we were hibernating. I was at the stage that I didn’t feel like I wanted to do anything. Bob wasn’t as mobile as he used to be, which put a limit on how much we could do. It was just difficult. But here, everything we want is done for us. Even the cleaners come in once a week, which is marvellous, you know.

What’s your apartment like?

It’s lovely. Beautiful kitchen, two bedrooms, lounge and a lovely patio out the side where we can look out to the wooded hills. The designers just got it right. When we come out of our apartment, we look down on to a beautiful treed area, so you’re not looking at concrete all the time – which is a real plus. It has a really positive effect on you, and there’s good music all the time. 

I’m so proud that Coyne built this place. And it’s a beautiful position near the lake. What more could you ask for? It really is awesome. 

All the girls on reception feel like they’re handpicked. They really make you feel at home.

There’s an open day coming up on the 7th September. What would you say to people considering making a change to a retirement village?

Oh well, firstly, if there are any problems with your health, it’s a perfect place to be. It really, really is. I think some people who go into retirement villages are happy, whilst others are sad they’re moving out of their home and into a smaller living area – especially if they go in too late because they wouldn’t get the same experience. When you are well, you think the sky is the limit, but as you age, you need assistance. Everybody needs it. Just a little bit. It’s really reassuring.

But if you feel alone and away from people, it can drag you down, and that’s why I think Evermore is the place to be. The assistance and love you get here — it really is a place where you can relax without worrying about anything because there are people there to help when you need it. 

You can just see how happy the residents are here, and that’s the whole point. If you don’t feel happy and safe, your world becomes really difficult. You just get your load lightened when you come here. 

Oh, and the other thing is, you can still be together. Bob and I can still relax together, and that’s so important to us.

If you’ve been thinking about retirement, come in and say hello to Bob and Marie and the other residents at the Open Day, so you can get a feel for what retirement could be for you.

Nothing but the best!

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