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What do mud crabs and wine have in common? Vintner, Tony Hammond has created a unique range of fruity liqueurs, all sourced direct from his own farm.

What a unique winery! Set on the banks of the mighty Manning River at its tributary, Ghinni Ghinni Creek, the vineyards are named to honour the ghinni ghinni (or mud crab as it’s known in the local Aboriginal dialect) and is distinguished by its distinctive mud crab logo.

But there’s a more modern history that has led to the very special wines produced here. Vintner, Tony Hammond, once ran a dairy farm on this land, until radical changes to the industry around the year 2000 dictated a new direction. He diversified, turning the rich soil to host plantings of raspberries, blueberries and other delectable fruits, whose juicy pulp now produce a specialist style of fruit and vegetable-based wines.

It was a fortuitous decision that turned days of hard labour in the milking shed to seasons of sheer joy at creating a satisfying new enterprise. “It’s not work if you love doing it!” Hammond says now.

Vestiges of the past remain, however, and Ghinni’s tasting room, adapted from a one-time calves’ pen, retains the rustic appeal of the old farm.

Ghinni Wines now produce a range of fruity liqueurs sourced direct from the farm – mead, blueberry, plum and chilli and raspberry are just a few. All go well with desserts or as a base for mixed drinks and the chilli liqueur works particularly well with seafood.

A new ginger variety is being fermented and mulberries, peaches, pears, mangoes and pumpkins have all been planted for future harvests and wine-making.

Bottles are $20 each, or a sampling of all six current flavours are boxed in western red cedar and dressed with cedar shavings, for gift-giving.

Hammond recommends mixing raspberry liqueur with Champagne for picnic race days or other special occasions. Cheers!

Address: 17584 A1, Ghinni Ghinni NSW 2430
Phone:(02) 6553 8191

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