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Three stunning local ladies from Taree were chosen from the catwalk by talent scouts to model at Sydney’s exclusive ‘Frocks on the Rocks’. We spoke with the three beauties about their modeling careers.

Persia Hegarty

How long have you been modelling for, Persia?

I have been modelling for about three years now, since I was in Year Nine.

> How did you get into modelling?

I started out doing competitions in Port Macquarie, and after that I started getting approached to do more local events like Flair.

> What is your favourite thing about the industry in your experience so far?

There are some pretty cool people involved, and the opportunity to meet new friends is boundless. You meet a lot of different people your age who you have lots in common with, so it’s good!

> What was the experience like at the Flair Awards this year?

The clothes were awesome, beautiful and really fun to wear. The backstage experience is hectic too! There are a million people everywhere, you don’t get much time to think, and you’re pretty much getting changed at the door. The team backstage are the best people you will ever meet, amazing at what they do. You could not get back on stage without them!

You just stand there, and they attack you! Make up and hair is usually pretty outrageous, but that’s what I love about the event.

> Are you still at school?

Yes, I am in high-school, Year 11. It has its ups and downs, but overall, school is pretty good!

My friends make it, they are all great to hang around with. I study Advanced English, Extension English, Biology, Ancient History, Legal Studies, Art and Maths. I love English, and we are studying the Gothic Revolution and Crime Fiction.

> Are you looking to go to university when you finish school?

Yes! I also want to do modelling full time in the future.

> Are there any models that you look up to?

I love Jessica Stam, she is Canadian. She’s stunning. And Aussie models are good as well – starlets like Miranda Kerr.

> ‘All models have to be skinny’. What are your thoughts on this statement?

Exercise and dance is enough to keep me fit. I think it’s important to be active and eat right.

> What are some of your favourite things to do in the area?

My friends are an amazing group of people, and we always get out and about to explore the area. I love Tinonee, where I was born and bred. It’s God’s country! The best place … my family is there, my dance school is there and it has everything I need.

I can see myself moving to the city of Melbourne eventually, but I will always come back to Tinonee to raise my children and settle down. The people are lovely, and it’s an amazing place to grow up in.

Noelle Gallant

> You were on our cover for Focus back in August. How was that experience for you?

It was really exciting. I was walking on my way back from school on the day it was delivered, and there I was, on the doorstep of hundreds of houses! It was funny.

A lot of the teachers and students at school commented, which was great too.

> How long have you been modelling for?

I have been modelling for some years and I got involved through my dancing teacher, who introduced me to wedding expos and eventually Flair. This is my fourth year with Flair, and each year it’s always fun to be involved.

> You also enjoy dancing. What form of dance do you like?

I love ballet, because it’s a great challenge.

> What do you study at school?

I do dance, biology, PE, Maths and Advanced English. A bit of a mixed bag, really!

> Looking to go onto university after school?

Maybe! One day I think I may go to Uni.

> Is modelling a career path for you?

Hopefully! I would love to find a career where I can intertwine my modelling and dancing background together. I can see myself working on cruise-ships or Moulin Rogue … something exciting like that.

> Favourite model?

Miranda Kerr is my favourite model of all time. She is a beauty.

> What are some of your favourite things to do in the area?

I love to go to the beach and hang out with friends. I usually have dancing, which I love, and on the weekends I work at the cinema.

> What was it like growing up in Taree?

I am originally from Sydney and I miss Sydney and its atmosphere and buzz. However, growing up here has been good. I have really good friends, and school is great.

Hannah George

> How long have you been modelling and doing catwalk with Flair?

I have been modelling officially since my addition at Flair in 2005!

> Is modelling a career option for you?

I would love to follow this career path. I realise, however, the need to pursue dreams of my own, in a career within the industry, besides modelling. At present I have been quite busy with the amount I have been given and am keeping all options open to any opportunity thrust upon me in the near future! It is really a fun and exciting place to be, in a runway show, behind the scenes, but like most professions, careers in modelling show the rather challenging side to the industry. But with continual exposure as I have been given, you learn and are taught to ignore that side and focus on the positives. I guess I will just have to let the future take the path it has chosen, for me!

> Do you think there is more to modelling than good looks?

There is definitely more to modelling than good looks. I believe that personality plays a huge role in the performance of a model, especially the type of modelling I am involved in.

Between bridal photo shoots to runway, people want to see inspiration on your face, happiness, as they look at you in their potential wedding gown.

Being involved in the Sydney School Formal this year required models to become performers on the runway, giving a theatrical/dance performance within the once ‘original’ sleek, straight runway walk! A personality was required to portray the image; the personality was required in the first place to be booked, but a personality in everything we do makes us unique and allows us to remain human beings.

The industry is changing, and larger sizes, curvier hips, smiles and perhaps a bit of ‘swing/hip-hop’ are being accepted and praised for entertaining outside the ‘norm’!

> Who are the major influences in your life?

I must thank my upbringing and various people who have contributed along the way! My family, especially my mum and aunty, giving me precious morals and allowing me to see life through their eyes through all walks of life. I believe that’s what makes me appreciate everything I have!

And my modelling opportunities can be attributed to two amazing ladies, Amanda Saville (our original runway coach, who showed us how to shake it up that catwalk back in 2005) and Pam Pethebridge (the lady who has not only inspired my life since meeting her, but through her connections in the industry, has given us country gals an opportunity in the big city)!

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