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A friend and longtime client of FOCUS, Avalyn Jackson of endota diamond beach invited me to come and see for myself just how indulgent a little pampering could be … offering me one of their famed spa packages.



So I took the leisurely drive over to Diamond Beach, located just 16 km from Forster, or 28 km from Taree. endota spa diamond beach has been open for just over 3 years now.

I entered the spa, and I was greeted by Ave (as she is affectionately known) – the Spa Director. Ave invited me over to the face bar, where she had a cup of tea waiting for me. I could already tell I was going to be treated the same as they treat all their guests – like a queen, with nothing left out of the pampering experience.

The all Australian spa was inviting, private and there was a hint of essential oils lingering in the air … it lived up to its reputation for being soothing and friendly.

As I filled out my client information form, Ave poured me another herbal tea. It was an organic lemongrass, which she told me would complement the oil of the day, called ‘Perspective’ – an orange, spruce, patchouli, and cinnamon essential oil. Ah … that explained what the lovely aroma was!

I was introduced to my therapist for the day, Robyne, who greeted me with a warm smile and began to describe the ‘treat’ment they had chosen for me. (I’d asked to be surprised, as I wanted to know just how special it would feel to turn up to the spa not knowing what it was I would experience – the same as a lucky wife/girlfriend might feel if the treatment was a gift  … hint, hint!)

‘Drenched’ was the name of the package, and it is endota day spa’s signature treatment.

What I experienced …

I was taken to the dual treatment room, a large room featuring two massage tables and a deep spa bath/shower, which was dimly lit with around 25 tea candles. Although I was there on my own, I felt exceptionally special to have the whole room to myself! I could imagine how romantic it would be to bring a partner along for a dual spa treatment – perhaps for a honeymoon, or anniversary …

After I changed into my white bathrobe, I sat for the Billabong foot bath. As I sank my tootsies into the warm water, Robyne began to tell me a bit about endota.

‘endota’ is actually an indigenous Australian word meaning beautiful, and the company has strong ties to Australia’s indigenous roots, with all of the products in the spa being organic and Australian.

My feet were treated to a soak, light exfoliation and towel dry, while I soaked up the atmosphere … soft, dreamy tunes played in the background, and the candlelight flickered around me.

Then the indulgence truly began!

As I lay down on the massage table, I was, quite literally, drenched – with organic honey! The honey was swirled all over my back and down my legs … it was warm, slightly ticklish and smelled absolutely divine! I have to admit, I did feel a bit like a slice of toast to start with, but when I finally turned off my thoughts and just relaxed, I started to feel very special.

Next I was sprinkled with Murray River salts – the small particles sticking to the honey. A full body exfoliation followed … there is nothing like the feeling of your old skin being sloughed away and knowing the new one is just underneath. The honey was a fantastic moisturiser for the skin.

After I’d relaxed for a minute, the shower was started and a path of towels was laid on the floor to lead me towards the huge spa bath. Robyne left me so I could rinse off all of the honey and salts; and in the meantime, the massage table was re-made and waiting for me.

The feeling of being waited on hand and foot like this is simply indescribable!

I was ‘drenched’ again, but this time with a luxurious, warm, organic yoghurt, which covered me all over from tip to toe. Sheets and towels were used to wrap around and cocoon me. It was snug, warm, and I smelled delicious! Spa-tacular, as they say in endota lingo.

I think at this point I had a little smile on my face, as I thought, “Life is good”!

A brief 5 minute head massage was next, while the yoghurt soaked into my skin. Yoghurt is an excellent topical treatment for skin; it boasts a treasure chest of vitamins, and the enzymes and oils work as a natural moisturiser.

Once I was finished with my body wrap, I was unwrapped, and again headed to the shower to rinse off.

My skin felt amazing as the yoghurt washed away … creamy, soft and very luxurious. But amazingly, the indulgent treatment was not over yet.

As I returned to the table for a third time, Robyne began the final phase of me being ‘Drenched’.

My clean and cleansed body was drizzled with an olive and macadamia massage oil; it soaked down deep to warm and lull muscles as it was massaged in. Surprisingly, it wasn’t sticky, and my skin quickly absorbed the moisture.

My mind had well and truly drifted away now, and I was peaceful and enjoying the calmness I felt, as I relaxed through the 15 minute massage.

Robyne began to coax me from my relaxed state and brought me back to the room, ensuring that I took my time to wake up fully, breathe slowly and begin to rise. I guess it would have been all too easy to have stayed lying there feeling fabulous; but after 2 hours, my ‘me time’ was up.

After I dressed and walked to the lounge area (or rather … floated), both Robyne and Ave greeted me. They didn’t need to ask how I felt, as they could see easily their spa treatment had turned the fast paced girl who zipped into the room 2 hours ago, into a relaxed woman who had been totally ‘drenched’ and pampered.

The whole experience was truly spa-tacular! Thank you Ave and Robyne.

The plug:

Gents: If you are lost for a Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift for your lady, you cannot pass up a gift voucher for her to be ‘Drenched’. The 2 hour treatment is on offer to FOCUS readers for just $200. But be quick, as there are only a limited number at this price.

Ladies: you should treat yourself to this ahhhh-mazing package. I guarantee you will feel divine afterwards.

Both endota diamond beach and endota forster look forward to welcoming you to be ‘Drenched’ soon.

Story by Louise Beaumont.


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