Double Life – John Koorey

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A local einstein. obsessed with invention. world traveller and hotel manager. John koorey opens up his world for focus.
Full Name John Koorey

Time spent living in the Manning

We commenced building The Dorsal in 2002 and opened in 2005. I spend my time here in Forster, or in Manly, or working overseas. Now I live here in the Hotel, or out at the beautiful Firefly.


Hotel owner/manager and inventor (creator of Ezi-Maid Manual and Sofa Lift) … but I like to refer to myself as a very normal, casual business man.


Swimming on my own or with the Turtles and the surf club and surfing. Recently, I did the Hawkesbury Swim and the Masters Games.

How would you describe the industry you are in?

Well, it is all hospitality isn’t it? And this is because you provide what the customer expects. You apply your own personal knowledge and experience. Inventing for me is a complete obsession and has been for years. It’s a hard game; I see a lot of great ideas being abandoned all the time.

How did the idea for Ezi-Maid come about?

Some of our staff complained of having a sore back after a full day’s work, and so I went home and started mucking about with a trestle table in the garage. From there we went on the ABC’s New Inventors Program, patented the product and now we’re going global.

What are some of the struggles you face as an inventor and hotel manager?

Being an inventor, things such as patenting is very expensive and intricate. Also, the costs of bringing an idea to life. Owning The Dorsal is fantastic, and if you provide the service they expect, it’s smooth. My wife and I have no hotel experience … we bought it, we designed it and we run it. And it’s successful … we are not a part of a big group or chain; it’s just us and what we know. I often find myself getting obsessed with an invention; it is always on my mind and I keep thinking about it … that’s why swimming is a passion; it’s an escape.

Why would you not change your current circumstances for the world?

I create my own world. I behold to no one, and even if it stuffs up I can just say, “Oh well, let’s move on; there is no use dwelling on it.” Sometimes when things just don’t work out, you learn from it.

Do you ever feel like you live a double life?

Oh yes! Every day. A triple life even!

What is your inventing secret?

Marketing is everything.

Thanks John.

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