Double Life – Amanda and Chris Tate

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One of Taree’s most well known couples, Amanda and Chris Tate have combined successful careers in business with the joys of life on the farm.

> Time spent living in the Manning?

Just gone 20 years – moved here in 1989.

> Profession:

Licensed real estate agents, with our main business being L J Hooker Taree. We also have interests in tourism, property development and investments, and of course farming.

> Hobbies:

That would be farming, however as with anything Chris does, it has quickly turned into another business venture, with over 400 cattle.

> Why the move to the farm?

To fulfil a passion, work the land and give our kids the freedom to grow in a great environment. Our eldest son, Cameron has been interested in cattle and machinery since he was five years old. Our daughter, Ashlee, just loves animals and hopes to become a vet one day. Our other son, Andrew, has a passion for motorbikes, and together with his brother has created a track complete with jumps in the back paddock. Outgrowing our three acres, the move to the farm was inevitable.

> Describe your home and land.

Chris would say, “Wet and muddy”. I would say, “Greenacres”. Our home is over 140 years old, and the land was one of the larger dairy holdings in this area. We have met so many people who have lived in our house at some stage. The place obviously has a lot of history.

> What are some of the challenges you have faced since you’ve been farming?

Living in and renovating a farm house that is over 140 years old. Having one bathroom for five people – we have done a lot of family bonding! Chris contracting Leptospirosis and being really sick for nearly 12 months – we all had to chip in and look after the farm. The hardest of all was not having the time to do all that we want to do with the property.

> Describe your typical day?

Well, it is certainly early rising with animals to feed, cattle to check, paddocks to slash, tenants to chase rent, properties to sell, blocked toilets to fix, the pleasure of handing keys to a new owner, inspecting property managements, renovations still to be done, bills to pay, staff to manage, OMG 3pm already – pick up Ashlee, where do all those emails come from? And did we say paperwork?

But when all is said and done, at the end of the day we always have a family dinner and discuss everyone’s day. We do have very interesting table discussions.

> Do you ever feel like you lead a double life?

When I watch Chris drive down the laneway on the tractor or talking to a prospective purchaser on his phone, no-one would ever guess that a few years ago he was L J Hooker’s No. 1 Agent for NSW/ACT or 4th Nationally for number of properties sold. Or when someone comes to buy silage and I am dressed in my farm boots and old jeans, no-one would ever guess that I sit on the Marketing Advisory Board for L J Hooker Corporation. That is the best.

> Favourite moments on the farm?

Always the birth of new animals, calves, lambs and even kittens. We are hand rearing a lamb at the moment that was rejected by her mother, together with two calves. The lamb not only rules the roost, but thinks it is a calf and Chris is its mother!

> What has living on the farm taught you?

That you can’t control everything in your life. You can definitely make things happen, but you can’t worry about things you cannot change or have no influence on such as all the wet weather, sickness, death. Living in the farm house after moving from a larger new home has taught our kids not to take everything for granted and that we need to work together as a family to finish our home and get the farm to a standard we can all enjoy.

> Life motto?

Life dishes out many challenges and opportunities. It is how we perceive these challenges and opportunities and how we choose to react to them that makes us unique. Everything is possible if you truly believe that and there is always a solution to that problem.

> Thank you Amanda.

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