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Diamond Construct is a progressive Metal band originating in Taree, the product of four talented young men: brothers Kynan and Braden Groundwater, Adam Kilpatrick, and Alex Ford.  

After nearly five years of songwriting and performing, the band is finally hitting some high notes of their own. We recently spoke with Kynan Groundwater, one of the founding members of Diamond Construct, to find out more about the band, its history, highlights and aspirations.

Music is something you obviously love and have grown up with. Can you share a bit about your background, and how it’s influenced your journey so far?

My dad has been teaching music in the local area for many years, so growing up with him being so involved with music, and seeing him involved in bands was a huge influence on me really wanting to play music myself. 

As I got older, the guys he was teaching were all in bands, and I really looked up to them. I guess that’s when I knew I wanted to be involved in music, but I could see that being based in Taree there were not many bands around playing the sort of music I loved. In fact, we’re probably one of the only metal bands coming out of Taree. 

Can you give us some background about Diamond Construct?

We grew up listening to late ’90s bands like Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park. That’s pretty much where our roots lie, and even now we’re drawing from that pool or genre of music, rather than the newer wave music. 

When we started to really get out there and play in different towns and to different audiences, we realised how unique we were in comparison to other bands that were around. We could see that everyone else was sort of following trends in terms of what they would write, or what they would talk about; whereas, we were able to be quite different because we’re very segregated from that. 

For a long time in the beginning we didn’t gain any real momentum or success, because we were so different. I guess after realising that, and coming from the background we came from, we sort of had a look at what everyone else was doing and what we were doing, and got a little more on their level, but also tried to be as individual as we could. 

My brother, Braden and I write all the music together, and we noticed that there were certain parts of our music that people weren’t getting into, so we realised we needed to change or adapt a few things to actually become more widely accepted amongst our followers, while still keeping true to our roots.

Also, the different band members have added their own flavours into the music along the way – everyone is different and brings with them something that has influenced and grown into the type of music that we play today.

What have been the highlights so far?

Touring is a big highlight – we just love to go and play shows. On a larger scale, it’s really inspiring to see others getting into our music. When we’re actually up there performing, and the crowd is really enjoying the music, it’s this amazing state of euphoria which really feeds back to us. In fact, there’s really no better feeling in the world than that. For me, there’s no drug or feeling that comes close to that! 

You’ve recorded a couple of EPs now. Tell us about that, and what’s involved.

We’ve had a couple of EPs so far; the first EP, Into the Sky, was actually recorded back in 2014 in Sydney, and the second EP is an 8-track titled Event Horizon, and that was also recorded in Sydney in 2015. We also have just recorded something new which will be released very soon.

The processes have been very different for each EP we’ve done, but with the latest recording we’ve just finished, we actually did it all ourselves here in Taree. We go into the studio at my dad’s place, and between myself and Braden, we write the songs as demo versions, just so we can get a basic idea of how the song would sound from start to finish, so it’s usually lower quality at that point – no vocals, not a finished song at all. Then, once we’re happy with the demo, we will go back into the studio and re-record it, but this time with top quality instruments – my brother and I record the bass and the guitars, and I record the vocals, and Adam will then come into the picture and work on the drums with us. 

What do you see as your goals and aspirations for Diamond Construct?

Our goal since we started Diamond Construct may sound pretty out there, but we want to be as big as the bands we grew up listening to, like Slipknot and Korn. So, that brings with it international touring, headlining national tours, and having as many people to listen to our band and feel what we feel when we’re writing the music.

Are you doing any local concerts – if so, when and where, and how do people purchase tickets?

Our next local show will be on Friday, December 21st at Ormsby House, Taree starting at 6pm. Tickets are around $15 and can be purchased online from around early November via oztix.com.au

How do people connect with you on social media?

We post all of our upcoming shows, plus lots of info about what we’re up to on our Diamond Construct Facebook page. You can also find us on Instagram – @diamond.construct – where we post stories whenever we tour or travel, together with behind the scenes updates and also all sorts of personal posts too.

Thanks Kynan.

Interview: Ingrid Bayer.


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