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With ties to one of Australia’s most loved bands, The Cruel Sea, we chat with Dan Rumour about his passion for his craft and final freedom from the scene.

> When did your relationship with music begin?

Both of my grandmothers taught me to play the piano and ukulele when I was a small boy, and that stuck with me my whole life! Up until today. When I was a teen I was in bands, and then got gigs as I turned 18, and in my twenties I was playing in numerous groups around the city. The Punk Scene had begun in Sydney, but I also dabbled in roots, blues, rock and ska too.

> Ukulele is an interesting instrument of choice. What’s your preferred instrument today?

Guitar mainly, but yes, I still have my ukulele. They are extremely similar, so the chords my grandmothers taught me have carried through my whole career. Both are beautiful.

Dan Rumour and the Drift live

Dan Rumour and the Drift live

> Tell our readers about Dan Humour and the Drift and how it all came to be?

I have known Michael Turner and Mick Larkins for years. We also learned and practiced meditation together and had a commonality in these aspects.

The Drift was based on reviving those guitar instrumentals from The Cruel Sea that have never failed the test of time. These chapters stand up beautifully and people still love them. More importantly, they are dance based, so people enjoy them and can have a dance.

> Obviously you have been on the music scene for a while. How do you think it has changed over time … more so personally for you.

For me, I feel free to play and do my own thing; it has been a distilling process. I enjoy it more than I ever did. The pressures of being in a so called successful band is no longer a boundary. I felt a sort of pressure to write songs when I couldn’t really do it well anyway! The fact that The Cruel Sea became successful was a bit of a fluke all round, as we were an alternative band.

> Are you that typical muso, or do you have your roots planted firmly on the ground in Australia? Do you have a family somewhere?

I do have a family. And I have recently moved into the family home in the southern highlands, surrounded by fruit trees and gardens. And finally I have a place that isn’t the road and doesn’t involve me fluttering around. I’m getting on a bit now and the idea of having animals on a property and a garden interests me.

> You sound like quite the spiritual, earthy, new age soul man?

Well, I do have a spirit and I do live on Earth! I certainly do things that enhance my spirit … music is a very spiritual journey – uplifting. When the music is good, it’s certainly a magical pursuit.

> You’re playing at the Akoostik Festival in Wingham. What can readers expect when they hear and see Dan Humour and the Drift perform?

There will be lots of beautiful music that you cannot possibly resist tapping your foot to. There will be hypnotising tunes to be played, and we look forward to meeting everyone.

> What’s next for you?

I’m not sure. I always say, “If only I knew the future and what will be next …” I know that I am enjoying music so much and I am appreciating good music more than I ever did, because it’s getting a little thin on the ground.

> Do you think you will be playing music until the day you die?

Absolutely. It’s not something I can ever walk away from. It is my life.

> Thank you Dan.

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