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There’s a local band that’s been making some terrific noise around the area lately – and they’re getting some pretty awesome feedback from their audiences too! A Cranky Duck gig is fun, infectious, and will get you up dancing and singing! Meet the band – a bunch of friendly, funny characters with an absolute passion for music …

Hi guys. Why the name “Cranky Duck” … hopefully the name doesn’t reflect the personalities (maybe more the antics!) of the band?

Shannon: We had been throwing names around for a little while and that one came up. We all laughed at it and thought it sounded like a good idea.

Briony: The name probably reflects my personality.

Introduce us to the band’s members and what instruments they play …

Shannon: Shannon Tullipan aka “Animal”. I’ve been nicknamed Animal since I was first in a band. It’s just stuck. I like to play drums occasionally.

Briony: Briony Boyd. They call me “Pipes”. I’m on lead vocals and do killer tambourine solos. They won’t let me play a kazoo. One day I will … I really will.

We also have Ethan “Master Shredder” Tullipan on guitar; he’s 15 and loves playing in a band with old people.

Beefy: a.k.a Jason Brooks. Bass; struggles with more than four strings.

Tim: Tim aka “Dirty Duck” Hunt. I play lead and rhythm guitars.

How/where did you guys all meet?

Briony: Several of us have known each other since high school. Beefy and Shannon used to be in a band together about 50 years ago. Beefy saw me singing in a duo I was in a couple of years ago and was keen to start a full band together with Shannon. Tim has known Shannon since he was a kid and went to the same high school as Beefy and I; we found him when we swiped right on BandTinder (BandMix) earlier last year when we were looking for a guitarist. It was a match! I met Shannon through his gorgeous wife, Belinda, and they had produced this little freakish guitarist called Ethan.

Who are your musical inspirations? I’m willing to bet there’s a broad array of musical influence behind what your band plays …

Shannon: All time fav would be Metallica, mainly metal, but I like all types of music. My idol/influence as a drummer would be Virgil Donati, since I was 15. I even bought the same brand of kit he played back in the day. All drummers in general.

Briony: We all definitely have different influences, but it actually works in our favour. One of my biggest influences is Led Zeppelin; that music is like church to me. Other major influences for varying reasons, would have to be Mike Patton, Anne Wilson, Freddie Mercury, Etta James, Kate Pierson, Annie Lennox, Metallica … This list could go for a long time ha ha.

Ethan: Avenged Sevenfold, Angel Vivaldi, Synyster Gates, Metallica, Kirk Hammet, Disturbed and Stuart Lovell – my guitar teacher, who taught me everything I know.

Beefy: For me, it’s very eclectic – everything from The Beatles to Slayer; hugely influenced by Black Sabbath.

Tim: My influences are Metallica, Poison and Pantera. Specifically, players including Dimebag Darrell, Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde. I grew up on ‘80s glam metal, so mostly metal influences for me.

What do you most enjoy about getting up on stage and playing together?

Shannon: There’s no other rush than playing live, seeing people enjoy what we do, and we have our fair amount of fun on stage. And there’s no explanation for what it’s like to have my boy on stage with me. The rest of you are OK, I guess.

Briony: I couldn’t ask for a more fun and genuine bunch of guys to be gigging with; they make being in a band so easy and enjoyable. We love having a laugh at each other on and off stage and definitely love seeing the crowd getting into it.

Ethan: Having fun, the atmosphere of the crowd, and playing with my dad on stage.

Beefy: The energy, and not being afraid of making a fool of ourselves.

Tim: I enjoy getting up on stage with these khents and having a good time. I also like watching the crowd have a great time singing and dancing.

How often do you get together to practice?

Briony: We try to get together once a week for practice, unless we have weekly gigs or other commitments.

What’s been your most memorable gig (and why)?

Shannon: I love the New Year’s gigs; everyone is always glowing and out for a good night, but I love all gigs.

Briony: I love all the gigs, but for me it would have to have been The Manning in December last year; the crowd was pumping! And I really love the theme gigs we’ve done, where everyone dresses up.

Ethan: my most memorable gig is New Year’s Eve.

Beefy: There have been a few, but my personal favorite was our Halloween themed gig, seeing everyone dress up and have so much fun. That’s what it’s all about: FUN!

Tim: My very first gig ever was also our first gig as a band, so that would have to be my most memorable gig (Briony: Tim was pooping his pants). Closely followed by our Halloween dress up gig; I went as leather face from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. I stayed in character all night, scaring people.

What are some of your favourite songs to play?

Shannon: Probably No One Knows, because it was a challenging one to learn and I like how much the crowd loves the old songs like Johnny B Goode. Sweet Child is also a favourite, but I feel I want to get out from behind the drums and watch.

Briony: Anything we do by Led Zeppelin. Big surprise there ha ha! I also love doing Shout! The crowd really digs that one.

Ethan: Mainly Sweet Child O’ Mine, but the other ones are fun too.

Beefy: So many to choose from; all of them are fun.

Tim: Favourite songs would be the fun songs we play, such as Time Warp, 3 Little Pigs and Teenage Dirtbag. The crowd gets involved, and it’s awesome. I also like the random Metallica songs we play.

What upcoming performances do you have?

Briony: 25th Feb, Harrington Hotel. 11th March, The Manning. 18th March, Club Old Bar. More upcoming dates can be found on Bandsintown or Facebook.

Shannon: I like to drum.

Tim: I just do what I’m told to do.

Where can we find out more about Cranky Duck, or book you for a gig?

Briony: We can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Bandsintown.

Our contact details can be found on our Facebook page, business card or website

Thanks guys.

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