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COG is one of the leading Australian bands in the music industry today. We chat with band member Luke Gower about the group’s upcoming shows in the local area.

> Hi Luke. COG will be playing in Club Forster and Port Macquarie Panthers. Have you been to these areas before? 

Yeah, I have been to both areas a few times. Growing up, we used to go up north and surf every now and then. It was one of those places we would make sure to stop off at and have a couple of waves. In Port, we played at Festival of the Sun in 2007, which was great. It’s awesome to be able to stop and surf, while being on the road … so it’s a bonus! 

I think both areas are really nice. I am an avid fisherman too, and these coastal towns are right up my alley. I can’t wait to come back and do some trekking and find some more of those spots – which I’m sure there is an abundance of! 

> What do you enjoy most about touring?

Just getting out there and playing the music. Being able to play it live to the people is something I love doing, full stop. I always have loved it, and it’s what COG has built its foundations on, I suppose. 

So getting out there in the car with the boys is great, and getting to travel all over the country is wicked too. It can be stressful and tiring, but you won’t catch me complaining, that is for sure. 

> Tell us how the band started out?

It started out through Lucius and Flynn (the two other members from COG), who started writing together and performing. They broke up and went their separate ways for a while for a couple of years.

Sharing Space was nominated Album of the Year in 2008 by Triple J.

Sharing Space was nominated Album of the Year in 2008 by Triple J.

After a few other collapses in bands personally, we formed COG again and began playing and rehearsing; we didn’t have a singer, but one day Flynn picked up a mic and it worked. The rest is history! We have all known each other for a very long time. 

> Why the name COG? 

At the time, we picked up a dictionary looking for names, and that was our favourite one! Three letters, three dudes. It means constant variation within the engaged. So I think it is a relevant title. 

> What would you say are the band’s biggest influences? 

I think there are so many to choose from; our taste in music is so broad it’s ridiculous. It’s everything from Jeff Buckley to Sepultura and everything in between. I think listening to it, you could probably get things from The Police, Pink Floyd – there is a bit of Helmet in there as well. 

But since day one, the plan has been more about trying to get away from that sort of thing and trying to make something more original. Personally, Flynn (my brother) inspired me the most – watching him play guitar in the bands he was in previously. I don’t think I would have ended up playing the bass guitar if it wasn’t for him. 

As a brother he was the oldest and I already looked up to him, but to see him play inspired me more. After that, I got into other music too, but primarily he and Lucius certainly encouraged my love for music and performing. 

> What do you think about the current Australian music scene? 

I think it’s great mate, and there is a lot of great stuff coming out at the moment. There is probably a lot of s*%t too! The number of bands out there, some we have toured with, some we have not – it’s just really, really healthy at the moment. And I think more people are coming to watch live music again, and I love that most of all.

> What are you looking forward to as a band? 

I am looking forward to playing overseas, to be honest. We have had a bit of a hard slog here in Australia for the last nine or ten years. You know, I always and forever will love playing in Australia. 

But we are a couple of weeks off from releasing our new album throughout Europe, so I am looking forward to hopefully getting over there towards the end of the year or the start of next and playing some new places with a new audience. 

> Off the current album, what are your favourite songs?

Probably No Other Way. I really love that song. And Sharing Space. They’re my two favourites. And I think those two are the ones that our audiences enjoy most too! 

> Outside of music, what do you and the band like to do?

We have all surfed since we have grown up. We’re all five seconds from the coast, so swimming, fishing, the surf – anything ocean-oriented. I love fishing; I do that twice a week, even if it’s for an hour. I really love it! 

We’re always on the beach – when there are waves at Bondi that is! (Laughs). If that fails, we head over to Tamarama. We’re all based in Sydney – five minutes from each other, actually. I really enjoy living in Sydney, and I do not know anything else. All of my friends are here. 

A big part of me would love to make a bit of a sea- change and go somewhere where it’s different, a bit cheaper and has a few less distractions. That would be nice. But I don’t know if that would work out, because from Sydney you only have to travel an hour down or up and be somewhere completely different. It’s got its positives. 

I just got back from the South Coast on a mini trip, and that refuelled my love for the south again. I love making those little adventures – in fact, I am going down there again this week!  

> What can readers expect from your show?

Hopefully a better COG show than they saw the last time. And some all time good fun! It’s a funny question that one; I get asked it so much. But you can see us boys on the stage, having a good time I suppose. It writes itself, that answer. 

There is a misconception of COG in the area of mosh pits and what not. People think we’re a heavy metal act, but we’re just not like that. Sure, there are a lot of heavy guitars, and it has its moments of aggression and volume, but it has some beautiful atmospheric sections. 

We hardly have a mosh at our shows. There have been a couple that are a bit rowdy, but it’s generally people who get into it in their own way. We’re not violent – so parents, do not worry! We just want everyone to come along and have a great time! 

Well, I best be off. I am sitting at my brother’s café in Rose Bay, and my bacon and egg roll has just showed up, and it’s long overdue. Looking forward to seeing you all at the show! 

> Thank you Luke.



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