Club Taree Community 5th Anniversary Year

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The Club Taree Community Team is celebrating the start of its fifth anniversary year. Paul tells us about some of the team’s achievements …

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much we have achieved in a few short years. To date, the team has raised a total of $327,652 and volunteered a total of 6,347 hours. To break that down a little, we have raised a total of $123,032.64 for Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW and a total of $77,656.90 for the Cancer Council. 

In 2018 we were awarded the Heart of the Community Award in the ClubsNSW Clubs and Community Awards. 

In 2018 we were recognised as one of three finalists in the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards in the category of Corporate Volunteer Group of the Year. 

In 2017 we were awarded the Myall Lakes Community Group of the Year, and were awarded the Highly Commended Award in the Heart of the Community category of the ClubsNSW Clubs and Community Awards.

Who makes up the team, and is there an opportunity for others to be involved? If so, how?

The Club Taree Community Team was introduced as a means for Club Taree Staff, Management and Directors to offer genuine, humanistic and tangible support to the people of our local and regional communities. 

The concept relies on our team; however, we do also have the roles of “official helpers”, which are filled by our family members. 

It is important to remember that ALL of the 6,347 hours contributed by our team are voluntary. How amazing is that? I think you would struggle to find a workplace locally, or even throughout the state, that has contributed in such a way over the last few years. 

Why did the Club Taree Community Team get started?

The Club Taree Community Team operates under the mission statement, “To use our collective awesomeness to make a positive difference to our community through raising funds, creating awareness, offering support and providing welfare to our community”. Our team constantly and consciously works to seek and implement ways to make a positive and long term grass roots style impact.

Seeing a void in our local community in the provision of non-specialised, unchartered, and independent support, I decided to pursue the project of creating an outlet for staff to assist in building the concept of community mindedness among not only our team, but with our membership base and community as a whole. Creating culture is often a phrase which is bandied about in reference to community projects. In the case of the Club Taree Community Team, our culture of social responsibility was already evolved (as is the nature of our business); what lacked, however, was an outlet to nurture this culture. 

It would be remiss of us to say that we knew how successful the concept would be. In conception we hoped to have an immediate impact; we didn’t comprehend that our team would run as energetically as they have with the initiative, and we never knew in concept how our members would embrace the project or how our community would receive our presence.

We have also introduced the values of Community, Welfare, Teamwork, Positivity and Engagement.

Since it’s the team’s fifth birthday, are there any celebrations taking place?

We have a few celebrations lined up. However, our main focus will be on continuing our commitment to the community. We are aiming to make this year bigger and better than ever, with more funds raised and more engagement. We will be celebrating with the team over the coming 12 months for the entirety of our fifth anniversary year. 

What is the community team currently working on?

We always have multiple projects on the go. With the Manning Valley Relay for Life coming up on the 4th and 5th May, our team (we have 67 team members registered) is busy engaging and raising funds for the Cancer Council through a number of different avenues. We are working on couple of private projects for later in the year, one around mental health, and then one later in the year to help local disadvantaged families. 

The major focus for the Club Taree Community Team at present is the 2019 le Tour de Taree. This will be our fifth anniversary ride. Over the last four years, this has raised
$96,088.14 for Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW and seen the team collectively ride 15,713.2 km. In 2019 we are planning a number of activities and fundraisers that our members and the wider community can support. The team is super pumped for this year’s ride, and we have a number of people who have shown interest in trying for the winner’s trophy. This year’s ride will run from the 6th – 28th July.

Can you tell us about the Club Taree Community Team Grants?

The Club Taree Community Team Community Grants are one of the ways we are celebrating with our community. In May we are unrolling a number of grants, to the total value of $5,000. The idea of these is that they will have an immediate positive impact on our community. These grants have been extremely popular, and it is going to be very hard to decide the recipients of the grants; there are so many people who need a helping hand. 

Thanks Paul; is there anything else you would like to add?

Can I just say on behalf of the Club Taree Community Team a massive thank you to our members and our community for their ongoing support. 

Also personally, I would like to give a massive shout out to #teamawesome – they continue to amaze me every year. 

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